Thursday, November 16, 2017

Roy Moore's Signature

Here is some more of my artistic creations in a picture I drew of myself
in 1977 as of course it shows how much talent I have.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the assessment of Judge Roy Moore's writing something is outstanding in just as Roy Moore was in two places at once according to his female accusers, he also is man who signs not only in two different hands, but in two different genders.

The first example of Roy Moore as a woman is from the Olde Hickory House document.

 Even a layman can compare the lower case "e" does not match. Roy Moore did not write this and from an expert analysis this is a female writer.

This Olde Hickory document.

The best analysis in many cases is you the reader. Look at the autograph in a reality of how you would sign things.

To a
sweeter more
beautiful girl I
could not say
"Merry Christmas"
Christmas 1977
Roy Moore DA
12 - 22 - 77

If you were signing something, do you always sign things double in DATES?

Now if you were forging a document, do you think you might be focused on thee exact date in order to frame someone?
Maybe an exact date which Roy Moore signs this and year, to frame him completely in what he was doing in front of Baby Jesus.

There are many discrepancies in these forgeries, including the DA after Roy Moore's signature. It is not important in this that an assistant stamped Moore's signature and signed the DA after it, but what is important in this is the DA is the signature that his accuser did have access to, a 1999 legal document where Bev Nelson appeared before Roy Moore and he signed her divorce documents.

This is the comparison of the legal document and the signature in the year book.

As Moore was not a DA in 1977, the person forging the year book, in a non researched frame, mistook the DA of the Judge's assistance in 1999 for District Attorney, and added this to the year book, thinking it would add weight to the frame up.

Roy Moore's printed name does not match the printing and his male printing of his name does not match the female forgery of the year book.

In examination of the Gloria Allred presentation, the cursive Christmas wishes is feminine and not masculine. You are looking at the original forger personality appearing and then the forgery of Roy Moore's name practiced later and then transferred LARGER in his forged signature.
A third visit appeared when it was thought better to include the actual day and location.

Bev Nelson's  step son stands with Roy Moore and states his step mother's story is all a lie.

Stepson of Roy Moore accuser: She's lying -
14 hours ago - (GATEWAY PUNDIT) — Darrel Nelson, the stepson of Judge Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson says the allegations are all lies.

This enhanced magical signature documentation first appeared with Obama's birth abstract and selective service registration. There is a history of this and the assessment of the Bev Nelson year book, is the reason the experts are finding discrepancies because when Mitch McConnell's trolls started baiting with 100 dollar bills, someone saw a pay day, and started looking through their old year book, and an idea was born  to sign the year book as they had a document with Roy Moore's signature on it in forging it.
The overkill probably took place when someone mentioned to Nelson that it would really be better if the exact day was included along with the location.

This then comes to the coup de grace in Bev Nelson lost her case before Judge Roy Moore. 18 years is a long time for a woman's scorn and when McConnell's trolls appeared that this scheme began, a matter of vengeance in Luther Strange and delivered by Gloria Allred.

The year books of this era had gloss pages and frankly the Alabama State Police should seize this year book as it is evidence. See gloss pages would have the person's palm print and fingerprints on it. The conclusion is that Roy Moore never touched this book and his fingerprints are not any place on it, but those perpetrating this forgery fingerprints are on that page and book.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, as Roy Moore is innocent in this, an it is time to ask why Jeff Sessions is protecting the criminals involved in this framing of Judge Moore, and more to the point why was Jeff Sessions colluding in election tampering in stating he believed these lying women?

Jeff Sessions has a pattern in he can not impugn enough innocent Americans like Bundy's or Roy Moore, but Sessions can not find a crime in the deep state.

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