Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Britain Going Mike Cernovich


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is very pleased to be the exclusive source for all things Mike Cernovich in recording the Mike Cernovich phenomena of more and more men looking like Mike Cernovich in a sort of Cernovich Evolution of mankind.

This lastest discovery is none other than Prince Harry who has taken on the Cernovich look, and is actually doing the best he can in attempting to marry a woman who looks like Mrs. Cernovich. Yes of course she is not Persian, is a Brittoon, and will never compare to Mrs. Cernovich, but one can not blame women and Princes for trying to look like Mr and Mrs Cernovich.


None of us can understand the pressures the Cernovich's are under, as the jealousy against them has reached all forms of bullying and stalking. I found this site which is absolutely beneath mention, but it reveals what an evolutionary force Mike Cernovich is.

Is Mike Cernovich a PHONY? NEW SITE BROSWAGGER.COM - Simple ...

Is Mike Cernovich a PHONY? NEW SITE ... Mike Cernovich is a loser who would be penniless without his wife, and Mike Cernovich is a professional failure who ...

Mike Cernovich of course is the real deal or Prince Harry would not be trying to look like the Gorilla and going to the extreme in trying to find a wife that looks as hot as a Thai Pepper.

Of course the Americans win in this again as in 1776, 1917, 1945, and the British lose as, all they have are Harry and the Britoon.

Cool Mike Cernovich and his princely fan

It is simply amazing how many men are going for the Cernovich look. It appears to be divine DNA natural selection, a force of nature, a man who has changed earthly manhood.