Tuesday, November 28, 2017

How much is the Washington Post spying on Roy Moore Supporters?

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In the drafts of this blog, there were two posts removed, one was on Corndog Mike Pence, which was switched and became Braided Cherry Kuchen, which only could have been accomplished by erasing the post, copying the Kuchen post and pasting it into the Corndog Pence Post.

The other which is this post being rewritten from scratch and was 3 hours of my work gone in an instant, is about the Washington Post attempting to play the victim in a Project Veritas operation, but instead revealed a number of criminal actions the Post was involved in.

This is the short version as I am tired and you people are deadbeats riding on the donations of the few, and frankly you people deserve your leaders and what they have planned for you. This is for the people who have donated.

This story opens with a woman approaching the Post and the Post investing 2 weeks and multiple contacts attempting to develop a ludicrous story that a man in Alabama impregnated a girl and then aborted the child.  The Post was drooling over this one and more importantly you will note that John Thune, Rob Portman and Lindsey Graham all went after Roy Moore calling for him to resign. This deluge points to that they were coordinating with the Washington Post and Mitch McConnell. This points to they were well aware of the impregnation story and were setting the grounds for the announcement of the pedophile spoiler that John Kelly put into the race.

A woman who falsely claimed to The Washington Post that Roy Moore, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Alabama, impregnated her as a teenager appears to work with an organization that uses deceptive tactics to secretly record conversations in an effort to embarrass its targets.
In a series of interviews over two weeks, the woman shared a dramatic story about an alleged sexual relationship with Moore in 1992 that led to an abortion when she was 15. During the interviews, she repeatedly pressed Post reporters to give their opinions on the effects that her claims could have on Moore’s candidacy if she went public.

Now we move onto a reality in the Post met with this woman in DC from New York. The Post then admits that it knew her car, as in it took photos of it and took down the license plate.  It also points to a reality that perhaps the Washington Post put a tracking device on her car, and that is how they knew she was going to Project Veritas. There is also the point that the Post was staking out Veritas in spying on them.
It begs the question in this, written a second time, just how much NSA and CIA access does the Post have in figuring all of this out, as it was not from data mining on the internet.
Did the Washington Post illegally grab the cell phone transmissions of this woman which is sort of a felony.

The woman who approached Post reporters, Jaime T. Phillips, did not respond to calls to her cellphone Monday morning. Her car remained in the Project Veritas parking lot for more than an hour.

As this reveals more about the Post, the Post reveals that it is in the habit of illegally recording people. In this instance McCrummen, the woman who was coercing all of those women in Alabama accusing Roy Moore, got her hands on this woman's driver's license, asked her questions, and it was then she revealed she was recording the conversation.

“We have a process of doing background, checking backgrounds and this kind of thing, so I wanted to ask you about one thing,” McCrummen said, pulling out a copy of the page and reading from it. “So I just wanted to ask you if you could explain this, and I also wanted to let you know, Jaime, that this is being recorded and video recorded.”

In all of this the Post is quite adept at citing what this woman was asking the reporters at the Post, as if they had been recording her telephone calls and recording all the meetings illegally.

Phillips also repeatedly asked the reporter to guarantee her that Moore would lose the election if she came forward.

There is a reality in the review of this, that the Washington Post spies on people. It is recording people and following them. This information is something Jeff Sessions should be bringing before a Grand Jury if the President was not busy election tampering in Alabama.  This information though is most important to Roy Moore's attorneys as it indicates all of the women that McCrummen was rehearsing are all recorded and there might even be illegal bugging and tracking of Leigh Corfman and the others in the Post, including recording their cell phone calls.

The Washington Post admitted to a number of crimes in crossing state lines and there are indications that the Washington Post is spying on Americans, in investing a great deal of time and money, staking out Project Veritas and recording people without their knowledge.

What was John Thune, Rob Portman and Linsdey Graham's involvement in this? Just who was phoning them, and in this smear against Roy Moore, just who of these connected people could have been supplying like in Pissgate, access to NSA surveillance helping the Washington Post out?

Quid pro quo.

So what was it, the pedophile connections of Mike Pence or the deep state involvement at the Post which got these drafts erased from the Lame Cherry, leaving only you with the questions and not the pretty prose usually associated with this blog.