Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Corn Dog Mike Pence

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have no idea what this post was all about, as the original post was deleted somehow in the archives along with a post about the Washington Post which I will have to recreate somehow from memory.

The question is why was the post about Mike Pence and the big titted wife of Senator Roy Blunt of such interest that it became Braided Cherry Kuchen?

Why is it that linking numbers of people from Katie Walsh, John Ashcroft, Dennis Hastert, Mike Pence, Roy Blunt, in all incestuously joined and working together in the common link being pedophile Hastert that someone decided to get into this blog to delete that post, which is not possible as it switched to a post on breakfast food and the Kuchen post remained.

Mike Pence is a proven liar. He lied about the Mike Flynn matter, and once you start catching people lying about being out of the loop and in reality was that Mike Pence who got Flynn fired for lying to him, and then there is this constant parade of pedophile and adulteress connections coming from Mike Pence, that a reality begins forming of just how deep state Mike Pence is and all that he is involved with.

The thing is how Katie Walsh gets into bed with Senator Mark Kirk, after being John Ashcroft's girl, then gets into the White House, gets fired, Mike Pence brings her back, and she ends up in control of data at the RNC again. How it all revolves around that central corndog Mike Pence in this incestuous group.
Walsh has a long and deep resume in Republican politics for a 31-year-old. She currently serves as Priebus’ chief of staff for the RNC, but her previous work included working as an advisor to U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt in his 2010 Senate campaign and on Gov. Matt Blunt’s gubernatorial campaign in 2004.
She has also been the deputy finance director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.
Politics is also something of a family affair for Walsh. Her father, attorney Tom Walsh, served as treasurer for Attorney General-elect Josh Hawley’s campaign.

How Paul Singer the funder of Pissgate and Fusion GPS is meeting with Donald Trump and funding a Katie Walsh woman's project, who this all keeps rotating around that central core of the billionaire fags that W Bush and Karl Rove set up in Wall Street money laundering, to funnel money to their candidates, and now Singer is part of this, as Walsh promotes it, and as that Mike Pence gets a pass from the queers after he is supposed to be their worst nightmare.

As most of you are not donating a damn or blessed thing for this blog, you can deal without the links you bitch about and be left in the dark about Mike Pence, except for his corndog picture with the big titted lobbyist wife of a Senator at a state fair, to wonder just what the  hell this is all about and how deep this all goes, because someone did not want this information posted as no one else was posting about it.

That's it as 3 hours worth of work is gone and that is all that is left.

What were they trying to hide again.

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