Sunday, November 12, 2017

Donald Trump 4 S

 THE 4 S

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really would like to see President Trump do what he did to the Miss America and the Alt NFL, to the American White House, especially the Oval Office in empowering women.

The Lame Cherry provides the type of visual expectation that the White House should promote, and First Lady Melania Trump would be a perfect prototype for this vision.

Picture some lunatic rushes the White House, screaming about the President not being fit for office, as he is crazy, waving the the 25th Amendment around, spouting off about Russian hacking and Special Counsels, and they burst through the Oval Office door and they meet this image which would freeze the lunatic, before the protector blew them back out the door.


But go one better in the lunatic does not even get into the White House, because outside the Oval Office on a leather couch is this protector, blowing the invader back down the hall, in some real Special Force, Melania Style.



Care to leave a note for the President? Well there are these secretaries in the lobby, who offer you a polite pen or they blow you down out the door as Protectors of the White House.

This is my favorite in Switchboard Granny. She answers the phone for President Trump and says things like, "I said press 1 if you are an English speaking American, and if not I will press the trigger on my pistol you goddamn foreigner!!!"

Of course, the President is very interested in nostalgia and America First, so he would have a special group of  Protectors who would have Tommy Guns in honor of the Thompson Sub Machine Gun, which of course the President should hand out to all Americans like candy to babies, for the Trump Home Militia Defense Force. The THMDF.

 Some lunatic or investigator tries to get over the White House wall, and they are helped back by a well deployed Protector like this fine American empowered woman.


So as you can see, the White House just needs another layer of defense  to protect it. I call it 4 S, Special Secret Service Services. It will be both eye catching and lethal. The perfect addition to the President and in reality, can any of us deny that there should not be another ring of protection around the White House?

After all, it was Sarah Palin who inspired all of this and Sarah Palin can not be wrong.