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Herman the Ripper

Herman Webster Mudgett, known as H.H. Holmes
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This story has fascinated me since I first heard of the investigative work of  Jeff Mudget, concerning a relative of his, who ran a Sweeney Todd cadaver line in a Chicago hotel.
It was quite a brilliant thing really in the late 1800's, as he had a hotel, and had piped gas into the rooms to asphyxiate people, built cadaver chutes to put them  into the basement, and then once there, fleshed them out and sold the skeletons to medical schools for study.

Butchering beef, pigs and sheep is not an easy employment, as all dead weight is dead, and all dead bodies do not cooperate, and they are extremely messy, especially in an age without latex gloves and spray hoses to wash things down, and yet this is the vocation that Herman Webster Mudget chose.

What is the trail of corpses in this though is not the Chicago pile which Mudget admitted to and was hanged, but a period where Mudget had sailed to England, disappeared for a number of years, appearing as H.H. Holmes, and this was the exact time that Jack the Ripper appeared on the streets of London, and when the pseudonym of Mudget sailed back for America on a ship's manifest, Jack the Ripper disappeared from London's White Chapel.

In checking off the list of like factors to Mudget and Holmes writing match, almost everything in between does too, except for a few points. What is the forensic psychology puzzle in this, is why Mudget in America was  suffocating people in rooms with gas or locking them in vaults, and then dissecting them, in London became a serial murderer who preyed on women as whores, slit their throats and gutted them for their organs, hence Jack the Ripper, as he was gutting the prostitutes.

The Ripper M O, was simple the throat was slashed for quick, but not clean kills, to get at the "prize" the internal organs. Police in London thought that the Ripper had medical training as there was some precision to the gutting.


'Jeff had H.H. Holmes’ handwriting compared to the infamous Jack the Ripper letter. One expert, recommended by the British Library, concluded both were written by the "same hand," while a computer program used by the Postal Service and Department of Justice stated it was a 97.95 per cent match.'
When serial murderers murder, everything has meaning. The Boston Strangler strangled for purpose in watching the life ebb from eyes and feeling the power of it in his hands. People choose knives for intimacy, to cut as they feel cut. Guns are empowering and keep a distance between so there is not intimacy. Blunt objects are rage.
Asphyxiation and knives are different intimacies. That is what is most puzzling about this American Serial Murderer in the most signature definition changed in how the body became a cadaver. The question is how does one go to London in whore rage and reappear in America engaged in the commerce of filleting those for profit who reveals absolutely no rage.

Eleven separate murders, stretching from 3 April 1888 to 13 February 1891, were included in a London Metropolitan Police Service investigation and were known collectively in the police docket as the "Whitechapel murders"

Daily Mail
Herman Webster Mudgett, known as H.H. Holmes, was a wealthy and well-educated doctor in Chicago, where he moved in 1884 from his native New Hampshire. 
Holmes was finally caught and admitted to killing 27 people, though some suspect he was to blame for 200 deaths.
He was hanged in May 1896.

If autopsy type photos are something you do not care to view, then this is where you click off and go look at happy photos of Fox and Friends, as the following are the photos of the mutilation of women undertaken by Jack the Ripper.


As one can note, the Ripper did not have a type in this London ghetto area of foreigners.

While the above photos predominantly are women clothed, which would mean the Ripper murdered the prostitutes and then redressed the bodies and moved them, meaning a way to move about London unnoticed, as why a London royal was suspected in having a carriage which could move through the streets. The enhanced photo though of the one victim who was not moved, reveals a horrendous butchery.

In a forensic examination of the above, in evidence of blood splatter and psychology, certain revelations appear about the Ripper.

This woman was a whore. She is positioned for intercourse. While there is not a record of sexual contact wit the murdered women, the Ripper in the above has her positioned for sex in penetration. What is a surmising of events, appears that this woman was engaged in sex and was murdered with the Ripper on top of her.
As a knife was used, it is deduced the Ripper was not undressed in top coat, and thereby had the knife or blade in the pocket.
The kill was quick in a perfect slash across the throat which pulsed blood out in spurts.

The face appears mutilated to carved away. This would indicate the Ripper wanted to deprive the woman of her identity. This could be that the "woman he was repeatedly murdering" had taken his identity during sex and later domination, but was the focal point of her allure.

In the above, the gutting or ripping, if it was organs, appears to be centered on her sexual parts. This area appears heinously carved away in fury. The Ripper was enraged to deprive her of the power she had in sex.

As stated, the M O's simply do not match and in this a theory forms that perhaps Jack the Ripper was two or three people. A female muse could have taken part in this in procuring victims or again, the carriage of wealthy royal would be trusted even in the Ripper of times.
It is in that, that one contemplates a symbiotic relationship of a Londoner, who somehow gains the acquaintance of Herman Mudget, in perhaps a chance murder meeting, and Mudget is teacher with blades, and perhaps coach driver, as someone had to drive.

The Ripper seems to evolve, as much as the only photograph of a crime scene, revealing a precision and a rage. Again, no one has considered that the Ripper may have been engaged in sex as a distraction, as Mudget slit the throats, and then the Ripper directed the mutilation, or, it may be that Mudget was involved in sex, the Ripper royal was the slasher from the streets, who then evolved in watching the dissection of Mudget, and went into knife rage on the genitals.
The Ripper note is another clue in Mudget wanted attention, to take credit for his direction and work. He wanted an audience and interaction with them in this theater.

If there were two in the Ripper, it might explain how Mudget seems to have more money, in order to have a hotel in Chicago, with some very advanced murder techniques in gassing rooms and keeping it all in house, so no mistakes would be witnessed. Again hinting at two Rippers in London, as Mudget was evolving to assembly line profits. The same profits he is deduced he experienced in London with his benefactor.

This is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, in it has not been considered there may have been a London Ripper and an American accomplice profiting which for whatever Queen Victoria reason was taken off the streets and Mudget gained enough wealth to return to America to carry on a new vocation.

When one person does not fit all the profiles, and patterns change, then it indicates there were two perpetrators, with each bringing their experience to the act.

Perhaps the world is inching closer to the understanding of Jack the Ripper, that they were a composite. Never be flat world in examining evidence in looking for a centric core of only one person to fit a conclusion. One must always examine all the evidence and arrive where the forensics lead.

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