Friday, November 17, 2017

Donald Trump jr. for American Wildlife Advocate Chair

Editor's Note: So you understand the above photo. Donald Trump jr. is holding the tail of a bull elephant. A license in this costs 20 to 50 thousand dollars. The money is shared by locals along with all of the meat.
These licenses are not stand alone, but require long safari's which employ hundreds of Africans.
The tail is cut off in African tradition, and the bristle hairs at the end are woven by Africans into a bracelet which is worn.
Nothing of the elephant is wasted and this elephant funded it's herd's protection, habitat to reproduce and it ensured elephants in this African nation will be living wild for a hundred years to come, as long as communists do not overthrow that nation.

What have you done for wildlife lately but look at it without paying just like looking at this blog and taking a free ride in not donating.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really loathe the pompous English, as they create dictators like Robert Mugabe engaged in White Genocide and Wildlife Genocide for London finance, and then erupt in judgment that Donald Trump jr. and Robert Mugabe of Rhodesia both believe in trophy elephant hunting, so this makes Donald Trump jr, into Robert Mugabe.

PIERS MORGAN: What does Trump have in common with the detestable dictator Mugabe? They BOTH believe in elephant trophy hunting. Shame on you, Mr President

I am going to ask you something in do you know why there is wildlife in America? No it is not because of National Parks as in Teddy Roosevelt, as America was about to lose the buffalo, elk, deer as the passenger pigeon was made extinct by market hunting.

The reason the United States has wildlife is because CONSERVATIONISTS like John Boroughs and not preservationists, began advocating for bag limits, hunting seasons not in breeding seasons, and a wildlife act of 1937 AD in the year of our Lord, called Pittman Robertson Act.

As most of you have never heard of this act, this act called for hunters to self tax themselves and to buy licenses, whose money would be used to purchase habitat and to husband wildlife. The reason there is wildlife in America, is because the people killing it started  taxing and regulating themselves to make certain the species would not disappear.
In fact John Boroughs in Yellowstone demanded that all of the wolves, bears, lions and coyotes be shot off for the benefit of the species which were non threatening to humans or wildlife.

Several years ago there was an attempt to tax non hunters for wildlife and they raised holy hell in the bird watchers and bunny huggers as they thought all this should be free. There is nothing free in wildlife and the sad fact is the leftists have done more damage to American wildlife the past generation than market hunters ever have in seeding in dangerous predators and driving hunters from the field.

That is why Piers Morgan smearing Donald Trump jr. is bogus. The English are responsible for the destruction of wildlife in Africa. They let the colonies self govern too soon, had the cartel steal all the African resources, the Blacks were not able to promote themselves as in Uganda as most Negroids are shiftless, so the end result in existing in subsistence, the Negroid poachers shot elephant for ivory for China black market as blood diamonds poured into Europe.
Into this was the  White Genocide in Africa by these same cartel communists put into power. The Marxists appeared in Africa and told Mugabe you can democracy and be voted out of office or you can have communism and stay in office forever. All the Negroids chose to make themselves king and destroyed wildlife in Africa.

Trophy hunting actually benefits wildlife as it pays for rangers to protect wildlife and rid the country of poachers. In fact nations like Botswana had a most progressive wildlife policy in sharing the wealth with local communities along with meat, so that the wildlife was a benefit to them. Do you know where the most elephants and wildlife are today? Botswana,  because they have a sound hunter funded wildlife program.

The American turned African Professional Hunter, Peter Hathaway Capstick wrote of this a generation ago in Death in the Long Grass and Death in the Silent Places in how wildlife benefited from being hunted, and hunting fees saved wildlife.
Capstick was an active part in this in he was a warden in Kenya and charged with cropping elephants for the black population to have land. He wondered afterwards if the problem was they cropped the elephants when they should have been shooting people.

This is one of the horrid legacies of George W. Bush and Bono, who saved Africans from natural remedies in malaria. Africa now is 1 billion worthless eaters who produce nothing, because the cartels own the UN food supply rationing food to them, and they won all of the resources. China is attempting to make Africa a colony as Islam is still murdering it's way across the continent.
This is making the world hell on wildlife and it is this pompous Piers Morgan policy out of 10 Downing which created  this festering sore, and now in 30 year those 6 baby eater families will have 6 billion Africans and the wildlife will cease and it is not Don jr's fault, but Piers Morgan as his Robert Mugabe who should have been gone, but was saved my nation rapist Barack Obama and so the horror of Africa continues.

America is on the verge of being Africa, as is Canada, France and Indochina. It is all due to leftist mismanagement and rapine. Africa must be forced to share the wealth policies, for the wildlife and the 1 child policy contraception, with a stabilizing protectorate of land reform so Africa feeds itself and learns some initiative.

The Lame Cherry calls upon President Donald Trump to appoint Donald Trump jr, to a Wildlife Advocacy Chairmanship, for a complete review of all treaties and policies globally, for America to be extracted from regulations and treaties destroying American habitat and to set trade limits on nations which do no manage resources on the principles of Theodore Roosevelt and other great American Conservationist Hunters.

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