Friday, November 17, 2017

Nazi America signs Treaties in Nazi Europe

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Patrick J. Buchanan repeats often that a nation without border enforcement in not a nation at all, but there is something even more defining as America had no defined boundaries in 1776 in Revolution as a nation, in the fact that the only thing America had was the Declaration of Independence, and only became a nation with the Constitution.

The Constitution limits the powers and actions of the Federal Government, and grants to the Federal System some absolutes which can not be violated by the States. That is why this series of stories has just befuddled  me as President Donald Trump has not enforced the laws he swore to uphold and protect for the People.

This deals with numerous Democrats for their states signing treaties with the European Union and other world powers.

Virginia has today become the latest US state to commit to action on climate change, becoming a member of the Under2 Coalition of leading sub-national governments at a side event hosted during the 23rd UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) in Bonn. Led by states and regions internationally, the Coalition, for which The Climate Group acts as Secretariat, brings together signatories and endorsers of the Under2 MOU from across 39 countries to fight climate change and support the Paris Climate Agreement’s goal of keeping global warming below 2°C. The Coalition now represents over 1.2 billion people and 39% of the global economy ($US29.4 trillion).
At a ceremony attended by Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia, COP 23 Special Advisor for States Regions California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. and other member governments, Virginia became the 11th US state to join the Coalition, alongside California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York State, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.

The reason this matters is the above is High Treason against the United States as laid out in Article 1 Section 10, the Executive or Presidential Clause that only the President can enter into treaties with foreign powers and those treaties must always be ratified by the United States Senate.

Article I, Section 10, Clause 1: State Treaties

This is an essay about the State Treaties in the Constitution. ... No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, ... if not all, power over foreign affairs.

President Trump has a Constitutional mandate to enforce the Laws of the United States, and in allowing these treasonous states to engage in this treachery to the Constitution, he should be impeached as this is the destruction of the United States.

Everyone of these Governors should be arrested by Federal Marshals, after a Federal Warrant is issued for them, and their Legislative branch if they have confirmed these treaties, and when found guilty before a military tribunal, be immediately hanged for treason by the Federal Government.

This is setting precedent which the Justice Department should have already asked for an immediate stay, review and nullification by the Supreme Court for the very reason, that what would stop Jerry Brown of California to sign a treaty with China, in PLA troops to protect California from Donald Trump?

What would stop Virginia from signing a treaty with Saudi Arabia, where in exchange for billions, Virginia expanded it's Muslim counties to become Kosovo Sharia extensions of Saudi Arabia?

What would stop Minnesota from a treaty with the European Union in being a Bi State member of the United States and Europe, and negate US laws for European laws, as that is exactly what Minnesota did by signing with these other states, climate change accords.

Nothing is going to be done about this, as bankrupt liberal States in America, will continue to bring ruin to their states as Christian States face the undo burden of this massive debt conglomerate Nazi state which America is ruled by.
America has no borders under Donald Trump. America  has more legalized foreigners under Donald Trump than Barack Hussein Obama, and now under Donald  Trump, America has no Constitution as Donald Trump will not enforce it against states in High Treason against these now fragmented disUnited States.

These states as in California and other liberal enclaves are in open violation of United States Federal Constitutional Law. They are an open threat to the well being to the other majority of States by their alien invasion, massive looting of their States and the absolute lawlessness of their systems, that then flush their deplorables into Reagan Blue States to bring them to ruin.

President Donald Trump must move in action as President Abraham Lincoln did in Maryland and Tennessee in removing the political traitors and putting into place a Government Loyal to the United States, as what is taking place is far worse in the 21st century than the 19th century, as States in that era moved justly to withdraw from tyranny, but in this century Jerry Brown and Terry MacCauliff are creating the tyranny inside the United States.

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