Thursday, November 16, 2017

Donald Trump's Asian Mistake

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Coast to Coast AM actually had on an interesting guest on Monday evening in Kenneth Gronbach, a number cruncher, who tracks human population statistics and his projections are interesting, even if they are flawed.

I do not discount Mr. Gronbach's numbers, but with all data, data is not set in stone when human interpretation is involved. For example, if you hear a chicken squawking, one person would say she laid an egg, and another would say a coyote was eating her, it is the interpretation of the data which requires additional correlation.

For example, Mr. Gronbach noted that Levi Strauss of San Francisco was banking on continued high sales, but he told them that would not be the case as baby boomers would stop buying and Levi jeans dropped from dead customers from 5 million to 2 million. That was the data which proved correct, but Mr. Gronbach was not aware of additional data which the Lame Cherry will include as not all Levi customers died in majority.

Levi's had a brilliant marketing campaign of young attractive people in men and women which sold their brand to a generation of city kids who had no idea that 501's were button pants and shrink to fit. Bluejeans became a fad in the 1970's and kids would pay for worn out, torn and fringe jeans and jackets. They had no idea that Levi's were still as cardboard out of the box and could stand in the corner. They were built for miners in California.

The Lame Cherry is not going to delve into the Gloria Vanderbilt and other off trade Carhartt brands that came along later and were not durable or are not suited to real work, but defines bluejeans as Levi, Wrangler and Lee.
Now for an explanation on these jeans. Levi jeans were built for a snug fit in all areas. Wranglers were built for form fit and Lee were built for people built like stove pipes in being short and stout. Lee also had the worst off color for their blue as they always looked filthier than they were with dirt on them.

Wranglers were the working jeans of America, because they specifically fit Americans in tractors and on horses. Namely you needed a bluejean that would not castrate you as Levi's would and you needed a bluejean which would hold your testicles secure so you were not smashing them as Lee jeans were no support at all.
Wranglers fit the American ethnic race west of the Mississippi River.

Fad though projected Levis to the forefront and then Levis did something which cut their market in they early on in the homosexual upheaval of America signed onto sodomy in a big way. Once those moral people who purchased Levi's figured that out, they switched to Wrangler and the market changed.
Yes boomers died, but there was a societal reason that Levis sales tanked. It was due to queers, due to death, and due to the fact that morons who wore ass pants down to their knees had no idea what bluejeans were designed for.
A bluejean was designed to not have your legs ripped up by barbwire and stickers, to hold your testicles in place, and to not wear out for several years.

In knowing that data, it expands the original demographic reality which the data had projected.


Kenneth Gronbach is an internationally respected demographer who has been able to forecast societal, commercial,
economic, cultural and political phenomena with uncanny accuracy. Ken’s unusual blend of marketing savvy and common sense demography, based on twenty years of proprietary demographic study, sets him apart. Ken keynotes all over the United States and does customized demographic research.

What Mr. Gronbach though projects for China is  that China has no baby replacements for a generation. The abort a kid policy has killed China, as all it will have is old cripples with too many angry young males who will never have sex.
What that translates to is no workers, including robotics to handle the Chinese community organized economy of production in slave labor, so China not having  resources and no population will not be able to fulfill the needs which Bush family set it up for.

Into this is Africa which has a billion worthless breeders after George W. Bush stopped the malaria plague which was cropping them. Ivanka and her Xi dictator are attempting to build factories in Africa, but once again the data may look sound with 6 babies per Negroid household, but in the north there are Arab Muslis who will not work armed with AK 47's and in the south there are Negroids who will not work armed with ebola. All the African demographic factors out is the same reason America got rid of her slaves, in plantations went broke as the darkies would not work and all they did is breed.
This is why the British imported the wogs or Indian coolies, as they would work unsupervised, while the Negroids would huddle under bushes and not show up for laying rail lines.

In this China can not market out it's manufacturing needs to Africa. For that matter it can not attempt this in India as a competitor will eat China as much as Indonesia. The Indochinese is a fine laborer as was the Chinese coolie, but China would be funding a fire breathing dragon in the south Asian states who would arm and defeat it in war or in economics, as they have already beaten China on the economic front.

So in this, China is dead. For all those speaking of the Chinese century, it has passed in a few short years. China is too big to feed and it will soon be too old to work to feed itself.
In assessing Asia, India never has been a pragmatic leader as paddy eaters and breeders. It appears that the 22nd century would witness a surging Vietnamese militant with an Urghur militant pressing onto China. The Koreans are zero sum breeders, and unless the aging Japanese begin their breeding cycle again, they will remain neutral to the more robust peoples now appearing in Islam and Vietnamesism.

For America, the assessment was all wonderful again. The Americas could become a self sustaining trade zone without China, and that is what Donald Trump has Xi by the short chopstick by. The last thing China wants is a combined North and South America.
The problem in the data is that there is a generational baby boom appearing in the 12 to 30 year old in America. That is good on paper, but if it is not led by a Caucasian industrious majority melded with Asian industry, then America will be the same siesta and couscous cancer which a Venezuela and Egypt are.
Simon Bolivar stated the Latin was not evolved to rule themselves, nor is the Muslim. Those breeding groups in America will cause a state of constant emotional upheaval, which does not make for good factory workers nor for societies which are building for the 22nd century.

The one net asset in this was Mr. Gronbach factors in that Eastern Europeans will immigrate to Canada, Australia and the United States. The influx of those fine races of Caucasians who are sedate and industrious would provide  the ethnic surge America would require to be the American sphere, to temper the failures of the Muslim and Catholic Latin.

I do not see a bright future as the demographics factor out, as the vast problem of billions of Negroid who do nothing but breed and eat the work of others, without having anything the first and second world can find as value, will result in Africa being turned into a desert waste and a plague continent as nature moves to remedy the problem of creating an African latrine.

South America with it's Soros communist regimes is imploding for another problem which only weakens the United States and Canada, as do these Muslim infusions of terror from more Obama devoid Mideast states.

Russia has it's own population problems in needing to annex Ukraine and other eastern European states, as the western nations are being raped to death in that toxic cartel commerce.

To place this bluntly, all of this becomes a problem if one of the crop bearing regions in America, Russia or South America fails at a crop production. No food translates into famine, famine translates into masses of weakened humanity, who translate into corpses who translate into plague. These festering breeder spots of Africa and Asia will become quarantine, and once again how does Asia survive without trade and how does Africa survive without food handouts.

With astute planning, which means the nurturing of the first world, instead of bleeding it of wealth and raping it to death, and replacing the native Caucasian species with Mongoloid and Negroid strains, along with volatile Semite strains, is the only remedy for these situations, as China is dying and must be replaced by a productive Vietnamese, Japanese or models. It would be of benefit for South Koreans to begin breeding as that half nation is basically on 1/100 the resources doing what China claims to do, in South Korea fulfills all electronic needs for the world. Without the natural productive species in the human race being placed in the forefront these commerce cancers will  bring a dark ages to the planet as these nations implode, trade slows, and nations hide behind nuclear walls of missiles to protect themselves.

President Donald Trump should have been in America and not glad handing this shrinking dragon in China in dictator Xi, as China is not the future no matter the invasion fronts of the Peking communists  attempting to enslave the world in plantation factories. There are new peoples arising and the Americans should be infused with Slavic Peoples to energize itself, while collecting the refuse of Africa, Mideast and India to re introduce these species to their native environments once a plague wipes out the breeders or the Chinese national suicide collapses that regime.

There has been such absolute damage though in the West, in it being dehumanized, traumatized, deChristianized and infused with inferior genus. Without those Lost Tribes advancing the world, the world will eclipse and move into a dark ages which will degrade for 1000 years.

Demographics require societal boundaries so commerce can flourish. The world is now eating itself and too many are eating the American Virgin in making her a disease. The world must be led by an American, Germanic, Slavic group from Moscow to Washington DC to Sydney. The Indochinese are the future of Asia from Tokyo to Singapore. The rest of this cesspool must be treated like a cholera sewer for that is what it is from the Gobi to the Sahara.

Demographics require astute leadership not for commerce, but for the progression of humanity by it's best resource.