Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mitch McConnell Calls Pedophiles FRIENDS as he attacks innocent Judge Roy Moore

Where has Mitch McConnell's Thumb been Up?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

"Dennis Hastert served the people of the 14th Congressional District of Illinois and the nation with distinction for the past two decades. As the longest tenured Republican Speaker, Denny crafted significant legislation which will continue to encourage economic growth and help keep our country safe for generations to come. I'm proud to call Denny Hastert my friend and I wish him and his entire family health and happiness in their future endeavors." 

And who was Mitch McConnell's friend?

Convicted Pedophile and Former GOP Speaker Dennis Hastert ...
Jul 18, 2017 - Convicted pedophile and former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert has been released from federal prison in Minnesota. ... RELATED: Jimmy Kimmel Eviscerates ‘Serial Child Molester’ Dennis Hastert – WATCH. ... Prior to his sentencing, five former Republican Congressmen signed a ...

Why is it Mitch McConnell never gets an examination on where his thumbs been up?

In reading the latest smear piece on Judge Roy Moore from the Washington Post, among the "teenage girls' BRAINWASHING, that the facts appear again that the Washington Post is accusing Roy Moore of talking to legal age women, who Moore stated if he dated anyone, they had their Mother's permission.

What I ask all of you is why is it a Hollywood moneymaker fad to have old women sexing teenagers, which is promoted by these same accusers of Judge Roy Moore, but with Roy Moore he is being framed for LEGAL ACTIVITY.

Courteney Cox to Show Boobs on Cougar Town -

Courteney Cox is taking the term "boob tube" literally. The Cougar Town star, 48, whose show moves from ABC to TBS on Jan. 8, eagerly anticipates more ...

Once again though in the Washington Post frame up, there is the same woman who has a habit of writing stories using mentally manipulated people.

Stephanie McCrummen is a national enterprise reporter for The Washington Post. Previously, she was the paper's East Africa bureau chief. She has also reported from Egypt, Iraq and Mexico, among other places.
Beth Reinhard is a reporter on the investigative team at The Washington Post. She previously worked at The Wall Street Journal, National Journal, The Miami Herald and The Palm Beach Post.

What we have before us in the Mitch McConnell casting the first stones, are women who were all legal. With the salted stories of a 14 year old which has lies in the story and an assaulted girl whose story has more lies in it.

Roy Moore is the perfect victim of southern gossip now Washington Post lynching. Roy Moore talks to people so therefore he is guilty of whatever the deep state has created to destroy Christian Conservatives.
If Roy Moore had dogs, he would now be accused of bestiality. If he had been in the Scouts he would be accused of being Kevin Spacey. If he was a traitor to America like Mitch McConnell, Roy Moore would now be Luther Strange championed as the greatest man since Barack Obama.

Odd how Mitch McConnell had absolutely no problem when Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois aged 50 was fucking nymphette Katie Walsh who was 25 in breaking up his marriage, being 25 years his junior. Why is it that Mitch McConnell thinks it is ok when old men like him are fucking younger women, but it is a public lynching for Roy Moore who DID NOT engage in what Mitch McConnell is doing and oversaw in the United States Senate.

There is a double standard in this with Roy Moore in how he is judged. Roy Moore did nothing and is lynched, but Bill Clinton rapes women and is a Bush family adopted son.

How many more women will the CIA bring forward to accuse Roy Moore of OBEYING THE LAW?  That depends upon the talent of Machiavellian Stephanie McCrummen who employs her psychological wiles with the lie, he did it to those young girls so you legal women must embellish your story as this is us women against those Southern gentlemen who rejected us for the pretty girls and left us to marry Bufford with no teeth. We must avenge ourselves."

 Mitch McConnell is coordinating with the Washington Post to circumvent the will of the People of Alabama and America in thwarting Trump policy and illegally tampering with the elections in Alabama.

Just remember that the Republican leader of the United States Senate called a child rapist, the former Speaker of the House, his friend.

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