Monday, November 13, 2017

George Takei meets male model Stuart in the Park

Hi there I am George Takei and running for Congress
You look like you could use an Uncle Sulu there young man

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My name is Stewart and I just broke up with my homosexual lesbian partner
and I am very sad and on the rebound.


Come over to my house and tell Uncle Sulu all about it
and we will be friends and you can play with my phaser.


You are such a good listener Uncle Sulu.
You make me believe anything is possible.

But if I drink that much alcohol and take qaaludes isn't 
that dangerous???


See a 12 pack of beers and some ludes is making you feel like a model.
You remind me of Charlie Sheen there Stuart.


But Uncle Sulu isn't touching me there a violation of the neutral zone?


 Now Stuart, playing hide my communicator is a fun game.
Now you just lower your defensive shields as here comes
my photon torpedo


 That's no photon torpedo. You tried putting your 
number one up my number two!!!


But Stuart come back
I've not yet inserted my furry Tribble!!!
Wait Stuart, it was all Russian bots!!!!


Hello 911, I would like to report a Sulu....


If you can't trust Sulu who can a mother trust!!!!