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The Shadow of Andrew Breitbart on Robert Mueller

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In the realization that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is investigating John and Tony Podesta in Russian influence along with their employee Paul Manafort, there have been several false assumptions in this, in Trump and Mueller are colluding to get Hillary Clinton, and all of this is just a cover by the President to uncover the pedophile syndicate in Washington DC, which people need to be reminded that we were all told in 2016 that the entire FBI was going to resign if James Comey did not charge Hillary Clinton.....and he was going to do this........and of course the deep state is still protecting itself.

There is though a reality of election influence in the Podestas which Robert Mueller should be investigating, and it coincides with the bizarre events of the year 2011 AD in the year of our Lord, in which Andrew Breitbart was later murdered, because in February of that year, Breitbart went on the offensive first with this Tweet.

Let us for a moment, take apart exactly what Andrew Breitbart was exposing and threatening in February of 2011.

Liberal policy architect John Podesta, who people do not realize is formulating Obama Clinton Marxist policy for the conglomerates, is behind the scenes running an intelligence operation to cover up the connections of high ranking democratic operatives engaged in pedophilia trading of children, by running interference of these child rapists.

We know in this that beginning in 2002 that Bill Clinton began these pedophile junkets and Kevin Spacey went with Clinton to Africa with at least two underage girls. Epstein though was arrested in 2005 and by 2007, had copped a plea.
All public knowledge and Andrew Breitbart would not have been hinting at this story, even if it broke later in 2015 AD in the year of our Lord to include Prince Andrew of Great Britain.

The conclusion then is, that Andrew Breitbart before his murder in stating he had video and revelations which would bring down the regime of Barack  Hussein Obama in high crimes, was following up on some other lead which included John Podesta as the principle in this other cover up.

But what was John Podesta engaged in in 2011 AD in the year of our Lord?

Podesta had founded the Center for American Progress. Remember the year 2011 in this as CAP underwent some very dramatic leadership changes after Andrew Breitbart pointed the finger at Podesta.

In 2003, Podesta founded the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank in Washington, D.C., and served as its president and CEO until he stepped down in 2011. (CAP chief operating officer Neera Tanden succeeded Podesta as president and CEO, taking over day-to-day operations.)  Podesta remained chairman of the nonexecutive board of directors for a time, and remains on the board today, although not as chairman

As one can assess, CAP was all over election manipulation in 2016 in former democratic Senate leader, Tom Dashcle of South Dakota, a dirty old man who dumped his frumpy blonde wife for a liberal Kansas beauty queen, was coordinating directly with the Clinton campaign to target Christians and Catholics in vote suppression and also was engaged in censoring those who were posting facts refuting Climate Change online.
The driving force in this is George Soros and Tom Daschle after being humiliated in full rejection over not paying his taxes in serving a place in the Obama regime, has been John Podesta's hatchet man against Christians and Americans.

Center for American Progress

The Center for American Progress attracted controversy for email chains "attacking two major faith groups--evangelicals and Catholics" during the Wikileaks hack of 2011 emails. The email chains were between Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton campaign chair John Podesta and John Halpin from the Center for American Progress. Podesta did not respond in the email thread.
 Podesta remained with the organization as chairman of the board until he joined the Obama White House staff in December 2013. Tom Daschle is the current chairman.
The Center for American Progress is a 501(c)(3) organization under U.S. Internal Revenue Code. In 2014, CAP received $45 million from a variety of sources, including individuals, foundations, labor unions, and corporations. From 2003 to 2007, CAP received about $15 million in grants from 58 foundations. Major individual donors include George Soros, Peter Lewis, Steve Bing, and Herb and Marion Sandler.

 There is a name which appears in this period in the name of Eric E. Burns, a real up and comer, the best the democrats had in media, and it was David Brock of Media Matters who chose Burns to run the smear operations against FOX and the American Mockingbird Right
Note the date in this departure of Burns and Podesta, again it is 2011 AD in the year of our Lord, and that is the date that Andrew Breitbart started pointing fingers about pedophilia cover ups at CAP.

What you need to understand in this though is that David Brock created Media Matters, with Soros funding, for the Obama's and Clintons, and the damning link in this is John Podesta, the intelligence operative, when Media Matters began, took in Media Matters to CAP, in other words Media Matters was under the operational wing of John Podesta at Center for American Progress.

Eric E. Burns was the best the democrats had in 2011, and he abruptly leaves Media Matters in the same period that Andrew Breitbart starts linking John Podesta in covering up for pedophiles involved in a sex slave syndicate operating with the people Podesta was associated or was a minder for.

 Eric E. Burns served as MMFA's president until 2011. Burns was succeeded by Matt Butler, and then, in 2013, by Bradley Beychok. In late 2016, Angelo Carusone replaced Bradley Beychok as MMFA's president. Under Carusone, the organization's focus has shifted toward focusing on the alt-right, conspiracy theories, and fake news.

For a review in this from 2016, you do remember Pizzagate and the direct link to John Podesta, David Brock and the strange homosexual pizza place manager, which was only quieted down after someone appeared and shot a hole in the roof of the establishment and the right wing was blame for it?

Review the common denominators in these stories, Andrew Breitbart outing pedophiles in 2011, and his later assassination, a shake up at CAP in Podesta leaving and David Brocks Media Matters, immediately having their top operative resigning in Eric E. Burns.
The same duo of Podesta and Brock a fingered in the Pizzagate story, which was planted by someone who had knowledge and was retaliating on the dirty tricks Podesta was involved in, in 2016. Remember in this that it was Mike Flynn's patriotic son who was tweeting about this subject and exposing other subjects. As a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, there is only one person who had access to all what Andrew Breitbart had on pedophiles in 2011, and he was installed by Robert Mercer immediately after Mr. Breitbart's murder to shut down the information which was going to take down conglomerate Obama, and that operative is Steve Bannon.
Bannon knew what Breitbart knew, and Bannon appears to have started exposing this in the end of 2016. That is the connect the dots which fits. This also gives the Pizzagate story standing as it appears that is what Andrew Breitbart was focused on in his information.

Who though is this Eric E. Burns?

Eric E. Burns for all of the evil which surrounds him, actually appears to be a principled person. He began life as a Republican in Texas, but after being exposed to the Bush family, specifically George W. Bush as governor, Eric Burns joined the democratic party in 2002 and was immediately scooped up by David Brock and John Podesta to guide Media Matters, as Eric Burns was a fixture moving to New York to expose Republican corruption.
Again in connecting the dots, Eric Burns associates with the Bush family in Texas and immediately becomes an anti corruption crusader, and with knowledge of the Bush family, he is put into a position to dismantle the Bush Rove political operation corrupting America.

Huffington Post

Eric E. Burns
President of Media Matters

Before officially joining the Democratic Party in 2002, Burns worked as a Republican political operative and consultant in Texas. Early in his career, Burns worked briefly for then Texas Governor George W. Bush. He later worked with prominent Republican consultants Mike Murphy and John Weaver, served as chief of staff for two Houston City Councilmembers and managed multiple state and local campaigns.

A former public finance investment banker, Burns obtained a B.A. in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin. A Houston native, Burns now resides in Washington, DC.

The damning thing in this, again returns to 2011 AD in the year of our Lord, because after Eric E. Burns had become a crusader to expose Republican establishment crimes, and after exposure to Media Matters in what Andrew Breitbart was exposing in John Podesta, Mr. Burns not only quit, but two associates at Media Matters quit also, and they created their alternative to Media Matters in Bullfight Strategies, and the most gifted democratic media operative basically disappears in the framework, along with his comrades as they do not want to be noticed in  pages like Wikipedia. Not good for client business, but a revelation that they left something behind which they did not want to be associated with, like Carol Burnett at her CBS 50th Anniversary not wanting Kevin Spacey selfies appearing with her.

Eric Burns, Karl Frisch, and Clay Johnson recognized a dire need to keep the media accountable when Burns formulated Media Matters for America in 2006. 

That knack for recognizing a much-needed service has led these three principles to break away from Media Matters to found the strategic communications firm Bullfight Strategies, which will specialize in left-leaning messaging.

The three principals of Media Matters first joined forces working on the House Rules Committee for Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) where they spearheaded efforts to address Republican corruption and Congressional ethics.

We are witnessing the shadows of Andrew Breitbart investigative journalism. Just as Eric E. Burns has a Republican past, Karl Frisch was also a Republican operative, For Frisch though, it was not the Bush family, but having associated with John McCain that again he converted to the democratic party in being disgusted with the same GOP leaders that Republicans rejected in 2016 AD for Donald Trump.

Prior to his work with progressives and Democrats, Frisch worked in Republican politics for several years before switching parties following the 2000 presidential primaries. During his time as a Republican, Frisch worked for Sen. John McCain (R-AZ),

In addition, we find that homosexual David Brock, used a gay enticement on Frisch to work where he was wanted,  and yet in this dream job of immense power, Frisch fled Media Matters like Burns after the Breitbart revelations about John Podesta and a pedophile cover up.

  Frisch is openly gay. He is an inaugural member of the WikiQueer Global Advisory Board.

This then deepens with Clay Johnson, the third founder in Media Matters who also left in 2011 AD after the Andrew Bretibart exposing of John Podesta.

Experience : Clay Johnson is best known as the co-founder of Blue State Digital, the firm that built and managed Barack Obama’s online campaign for the presidency in 2008. After leaving Blue State, Johnson was the director of Sunlight Labs at the Sunlight Foundation, where he built an army of 2000 developers and designers to build open source tools to give people greater access to government data.

Johnson appears to be the Elon Musk of open source codex, the Andreu Riera of democratic voting, and if one remembers something in the above quote, to give people greater access to government data, you have heard that previously as the passion of another internet technician who worked at the DNC.

at Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, a major polling and consulting firm, before going to work for the Democratic National Committee.
Seth Rich was only two years into his job as the voter expansion data director working for the DNC, where he helped boost turnout by connecting voters with resources like polling place locations.

Again in review, Seth Rich the rising star at the DNC, visited a homosexual bar the night of his murder, was focused on the same Clay Johnson democracy of giving information to the people, and was the DNC source who turned over the damning documents of Hillary Clinton rigging the election with Bernie Sanders colluding.
The reason this matters is  Clay Johnson's Sunlight Foundation had this most interesting promotion of an article on Wikileaks, in those documents being the silver bullet of open government.

WikiLeaks : Sunlight Foundation

Sunlight Foundation. Follow Us. ... Leaks and Open Government. ... Some recent discussions of WikiLeaks have labeled information leaks as the silver bullet in ...

In 2010 AD in the year of our Lord, in Obama euphoria, Sunlight was championing the exposure of corruption in the United States government.  By 2011 the principles of Media Matters had distanced themselves from Media Matters in Podesta, Brock and Clinton.
The greatest operatives in the democratic party data media systems left the darkness of Media Matters and began the light bearing Bullfight Strategies and disappeared, but someone named Seth Rich, who was also a rising star and a disciple of Sunlight open government and information for people to vote,  discovered expanded information on the Clinton Podesta crimes that Andrew Breitbart had exposed in 2011 AD in the year of our Lord, and downloaded the Silver Bullet to hand it over to the very source in Wikileaks that the alternative to Media Matters darkness was advocating for.

 Some recent discussions of WikiLeaks have labeled information leaks as the silver bullet in creating a more transparent government. There certainly have been times when leaks have had profound effects on how the government operates, and this is among them (the Pentagon Papers, Mark Felt a.k.a. Deep Throat, and Thomas Lawson also come to mind). It is, however, shortsighted to conceive of leaks as a replacement to the systematic requirements for openness that are essential to our democracy.

This is the smoking gun in Jewish Andrew Breitbart discovered something very rotten in the Democratic Party and Jewish Seth Rich discovered more information on these crimes and was murdered too on the street.
Sunlight even promotes Deep Throat, an insider, and Seth Rich was the same deep drive insider, with the same politically corrupt secrets.

This is what a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter looks like as they always do. All of this has been published in plain sight in disassembled bits, and by God's Grace assembled here so all of you can become wide eyed again and perhaps this time those people with money will make a large donation in appreciation as no one else has connected all the dots that Robert Mueller should and that James Comey should of.

What 2016 was about in Russian hacking was Andrew Breitbart in exclusive in 2011, exposing horrific crimes against children, and that story being buried until 2016 when Steve Bannon was finally in position to stir the pot again, but it was too late by then, as the talented and starry eyed talent of the Democratic Party had discovered what filth was there, like the filth of Bush and McCain fam which they fled in what John Podesta was employed to cover up, to set up a non corrupt Democratic data system, only to run into the corrupt Obama Clinton machine in 2016 fixing an election, blaming Russians in desperation in another cover up, and Seth Rich discovering Democrats had been cheated in the primary attempted to exit the DNC with the information for Wikileaks, and was murdered for it as Andrew Breitbart was silenced.

This is the Shadow of Andrew Breitbart over the investigation of Robert Mueller, as it is the catalyst to all the events of 2016.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter.