Monday, November 13, 2017

It is time to stand with Roy Moore

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Jeb Bush: Roy Moore Should Step Aside, We Need To Stand For ‘Decency’

This from the failure whose father is on record having sexually assaulted at least a half dozen young girls by feeling them up.

What is arrayed against Judge Roy Moore is the same 100 Days led by Bill Kristol against Donald Trump and continues to this day by the Nazi Conglomerate state which is using destruction of Christian Americans in order to keep their criminal money transfers for the US Treasury to their coffers as ordained by Congressional spending policy in legal theft.

That is the reality of this, from the fake accusations, the fake news, the fake polling and the very real criminal assassination against the character of  Roy Moore.

I could say that Mitch McConnell raped me, as that is the same proof of all of the women accusing Roy Moore have. I have a Christmas card from a several noted politicians. So if I say they felt me up as a little girl is that proof?
Every single one of the women accusing Roy Moore has holes in their stories and lies. The real criminality in this is the conspiracy against Christian America. We are to believe that the Washington Post just appeared in Alabama? The same Alabama that Mitch McConnell spent 30 million dollars to defeat Roy Moore for Luther Strange? The same Alabama that has Ann Coulter saying we should have voted for her loser as she once again when the chips are down does a Peggy Noonan and votes for Obama? The same coincidence that now has gay men in Alabama "just knowing things" about Roy Moore as "everyone knows" about Roy Moore in Gadsden, and yet none of this came out when the first attacks came on Roy Moore over the 10 Commandments, and somehow being a pedo never made the news.

Either Alabamans join the stand that Roy Moore and his wife are taking or they are finished as a people.

Seriously, what comes after Gloria Allred? The new accusation that Roy Moore was reaching through the bars fondling Gloria the Gorilla at the zoo?

This is a criminal attack against Roy Moore and the State of Alabama. The Republican establishment with the democrats have once again united, and you know the dregs have appeared when Jeb Bush is lecturing Republicans again in his anti Christian bigotry again from a family which is second only to the Kennedy's for murder, coke snorting, coke profits, sexual assault and sexual perversion.
You do remember Jeb Bush's son was stalking a little girl and the other son was getting his cock sucked in public by a little girl and Jeb's little girl was a dope tramp.

This is who is lecturing Judge Roy Moore to step down?

It is time to stand with Roy Moore as when they are done with Roy Moore   they are coming after each of us.

Do you want to be the next Roy Moore in having all the nuts in your county you have never met in their accusing you in the press of raping them?