Monday, November 13, 2017

Latest David John Oates Reversals

Harvey Weinstein made me masturbate him yesterday
I was sexually assaulted by Kevin Spacey who thought I was a man
I had Sulu try to beam up my Scottie
....a woman like me takes it where I can get it....
Tomorrow I got a date with the Muslim Brotherhood

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

David John Oates latest reversals on the Jeff Rense program. Not much news in this.

Tim Kaine

Authorization - The plan of dead

Corey Feldman

My life is in turmoil - I haven't got the sex

Donna Brazile

Channel Michelle Obama - And the woman molest

I want to channel - Harvey your log in (Weinstein)

Reached out to a number 3 at FBI - I paid their's the minimal post

I wanted to know if she was ok - It was wish

Who can not stomach my book - I wish that book sell

I told some of my detractors - I'm a sore shadow with assorted

When the video went viral - They waited and waited

Hillary Clinton

Media guilt - They're the Mossad

I practiced not getting flustered - Need a gun

Back off you creep - Their money if we talk

She was angry and she was shrill - Want to shit

Fast forwarded - 70 now

Jane Fonda

It was so common - Then the mock

Kathy Griffin

He's a nazi - Bringing out the shit

John McCain

Stop tweeting - Dear Wonderful (as in a letter address)

America consigned to ash heap - Come god's bastard

Great Europeans - And they may breathe not

May not be nice - Suck your bait

A draft dodger - What's this a belief

Wealthy enough to get excused - I had fun

Engaged in Europe - Serve Obama

Herbert McMaster

North Korea regime - Force it

Denuclearazation of Korea - Who needs a war

Donald Trump

Thank you very much - America we don't forgive

Tax cuts and reform - Feel Zeus behind you

Less politically correct - Heard I'm scum

Court of appeals judges - I hope that they sleep

We will host meetings with Asian leaders - It's over

Janet Yellin is excellent - I will punch American (He will hit like an American)

Court of appeals - The mob said that he's the best driver

Lack of leadership - Not that I'd nuke it

Should be looking at Podesta - Then they believe the shit