Friday, November 24, 2017

Senate Sex Bully Al Franken

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry in matter anti matter exclusives is about to inform you of something and you should have paid attention and made this your focus, or you are going to have Al Franken in 2020 ripping Mike Pence to shreds and creating a blood trail on savaging Mr. Trump, which is going to install Hillary Clinton as President and Al Franken as Vice President.

The Lame Cherry is about to inform you of another exclusive in matter anti matter, and that is there is an internecine  warfare in the democratic party, and as this blog informed you previously, it involves image Obama choosing the democratic standard bearer in 2020 for the White House or Hillary Clinton being President. It will either be the Obama legacy or the Clinton legacy and that is what is behind all of this sniping from Val-erie Jarrett, Senator Blonde from New York attacking Hamrod to that Sebelius calling the Clinton's serial rapists........the Obama faction is on the march to weaken and destroy the Clinton faction.

The reason you have not noticed any of this is due to Hillary Clinton looking like the Don Quixote of politics. Her standard bearer as Vice President was to be Terry MacCauliff of Virginia as Virginia is key. That one eye brow she chose in 2016 was a disaster in Tim Caine. See Hillary in 2020 has one mission, she is going to smile non stop and have an attack dog chew the hell out of Donald Trump. MacCauliff was the choice, but the polling shows everyone is put off by this Frankenstein face and personality.
The heir apparent then to Hamrod is Al Franken. That is why Franken has been an attack dog. He has been auditioning for Obama and Clinton. That is why Hillary Clinton came out and defended rapist Al, because she has picked him to be her Vice President as Minnesota is key in 2020.

That is why Al Franken released the book "Giant in the Senate", all this treachery writes a book before getting on the ticket an Franken's was this venue of satire.

Franken appeared on his first Sunday network talk show late in his first term amid signs he was bolstering his national profile. But it was Trump's emergence that teased out a new Franken and had him pivot from staid senator to liberal attack dog.
In withering interrogations in the Senate, Franken has clashed with a parade of Trump Cabinet appointees.
"He made those guys sweat," former Senate Democratic aide Jim Manley said. "He's got the ability to channel some of the populist rage against the administration."

Al Franken was riding high to be Vice President, like Humphrey and Mondale, until the real Al the Molester was exposed before America. His hope is that someone else will be chewed on and he will be overlooked, but with Congress about to reveal all their sex payments rolling out millions, Al Franken cost himself the the presidential ticket for a pair of LeeAnn Tweeden boobs and a trio of Minnesota ass cheeks.

The editorial reviews for Franken were pure Mockingbird and I am certain these leftists would want them back along with the 3000 morons who posted good feedback to Franken in Amazon. Nothing like posting you like the book of a rapist to make your employers boot your ass from the job.

Editorial Reviews


"The best political book of 2017."―Alex Shephard, The New Republic

"In this excellent, insightful memoir, comedian turned senator Franken recalls his unlikely path to public service...Franken is quite a raconteur, and he tells the story of his remarkable life and times with a sense of humor that is always irreverent and often self-deprecating."―Publishers Weekly

"This is a great book about politics. No joke...Compulsively readable [with] laugh-out-loud lines in every chapter."―Booklist Starred Review

"[AL FRANKEN, GIANT OF THE SENATE] the funniest memoir by a sitting - standing, recumbent, squatting - U.S. senator. Scratch that 'may.' It surely is. This is a genuinely funny book, often hilarious...the Senate, and the country, would be the poorer without him. He's an American original."―Christopher Buckley, The Washington Post

"Admirably incautious...Franken has weaponized the gifts that proved so useful for comedy - a sharp eye, a sharper tongue, the ability to tease out the essential absurdity of a given situation and deliver the goods with maximum impact."―Mark Binelli, Rolling Stone

"In a breezy, funny, biting, and often earnest read, Franken pulls off what many of his congressional colleagues have failed to do: interesting and honest memoir."―Sam Brodey,

"A fun and compelling book. [Franken] uses self-deprecating humor to poke fun at everyone on either side of the aisle, and he gives readers insight into the daily workings of life in the Senate. His love of the people and the state of Minnesota is crystal clear."―Jeff Ayers, AP

"With this book, Franken is both resistance leader and family counselor...A hilarious guide to what happens when a comedian runs for Congress."―The Nation

There is something in this in the officially approved bio of Al Franken which is disturbing, because in reading about his Jewish wedlock, one discovers Franken browbeating his drunken wife of 41 years with the caveat of "many of them happy".
Who does something like that to their spouse? This is what Al Fraken is. No one wants their sadness put on the page of Amazon for strangers to gawk at and wonder how bad of wife, Franni was.

About the Author

Senator Al Franken has represented Minnesota in the United States Senate since 2009. Before entering politics, he was an award-winning comedy writer, author, and radio talk show host. He's been married to his wife, Franni, for 41 years-many of them happy. They have two children, Thomasin and Joe, and three grandchildren. Senator Franken graduated from Harvard College and received his doctorate in right-wing megalomania studies from Trump University.

Al Franken though, joined at the hip with Hillary Clinton in the rapine of America, does not humiliate his wife alone. For Franken's reason, he goes out of he way to beat up Senator Ted Cruz, whose great sin is, Ted Cruz follows the rules and tells the voting public what hucksters are in the Senate.
That is the gripe Al Franken has in life, in his wife could not put up with the creeper he is and that a Republican tells the truth.

Is it any wonder that Franken is in bed with the Clinton rapists as he molests women who he has in public bondage, as he publicly beat up his wife on Amazon in blaming her for an unhappy marriage, because Franken drove her to drink, and Franken hates people who tell the world of his crimes.

Among the key quotes: "The problem with Ted — and the reason so many senators have a problem with Ted — is simply that he is an absolutely toxic coworker. He's the guy in your office who snitches to corporate about your March Madness poll and microwaves fish in the office kitchen. He is the Dwight Schrute of the Senate."
"You have to understand that I probably like Ted Cruz more than most of my other colleagues like Ted Cruz," Franken says. "And I hate Ted Cruz."

You either pay attention to this and focus on getting Al Franken booted out of the Senate by Senators, or you are going to have Al Franken paying attention to you with the police state as he is Vice President of the United States with President Hillary Clinton making the gallows for you.

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