Friday, November 24, 2017

The Importance of Being Cernovich

Yes it is a hot mic and no I am not glad to see you!!!


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking about the sizzling hot wife of Mike Cernovich, because she is such a remarkable woman. She posted on Twitter a photo of Gorilla being the most evil man on the planet. I am concerned about this, because the Lame Cherry has begun a study of how many people look like Mike Cernovich. I was in town doing errands and I told TL, "There is another person who looks like Mike Cernovich", and sure enough it was.

I found this interesting picture online of Ulysses S. Grant and Michael Fassbender, who look alike and sure enough, they both look like Mike Cernovich.

Then there is this one, of Dick Algire in Thailand, and with Thai boy monks, sure enough, Dick Algire the Remote Viewer, looks just like Mike Cernovich.

The thing is I can see why everyone wants to look like Mike Cernovich. Just look at this:


I mean did I not tell you HOT AS A THAI PEPPER?

How about this one of Gorilla looking like he got the whole plant. Any woman put a look like that on a man's face of phaser stun, obviously is the bonafides of Mike Cernovich.

How about this one a Jewish Perish bondage X mas tree. Deck those halls eh?

That is why in everyone looking like Mike Cernovich, I never considered that everyone wanted to have sex with Mike Cernovich. Here Mrs. Seth Rogen was trolling for Mike.

Who knew in this Weinstein world that Mike Cernovich was in danger of being Weinsteined? I could see that though in women inviting Mike up to their hotel rooms to talk about gorilla things, and while he is being faithful, out pops like Lauren Miller Rogen in bath robe and demanding a massage from Mike, throwing him onto a bed and doing monkey things to Mike as he kicks and screams protest.

I got to looking at Seth and Lauren and was amazed how they look alike too. Well they look like successful people while successful people look like Mike Cernovich.


Does not Seth Rogen look like Johnny Galecki.

How about the woman who married this wimpo, so she is in control like a Muslim hairy and woolen wife, does she not look like Shannen Doherty.

Odd how no one ever posts they want to put the pepper to Seth Rogen. It must be hard for Seth to sit around with like Mike Cernovich and his friends like Milo, Mike Pence and Allen Derschowitz, who all start telling stories of women ravaging them all through their lives. How Mike has callouses on his butt from all the women grabbing it. How Allen got a rash from all the women brushing their breasts on his arm and how Mike had to get Katie Walsh a new  job at  the RNC as he was drained of bodily fluids........and there sits Seth saying, "You know I once had an experience like that, it sounds like a Penthouse forum letter, but it really did happen to me.......".

I do worry about Mike Cernovich though as his wife is so intoxicating that he is drunk on HOTNESS. A man like that is always in danger of being taken advantage of. I mean what happens if Ashley Judd is driving by looking for a laundry for her soiled panties, pulls up to the curb as Mike is reading a book, and asks him for the soiled panty laundry and Mike walks over, is pulled inside the car and Ashley peals out with Mike screaming "Don't Weinstein Me!!!".

I don't know if Ulysses S. Grant had these problems, getting pulled of his horse and being ravaged all through the Civil War for looking like Mike Cernovich, but I am sure it happened and happens to all of these men who look like Mike Cernovich.

I think there should be like a police squad to protect Mike, like the Department of Mikeland Security to protect him and everyone who looks like Mike Cernovich. We just can not be safe in these times in look at all the odd women who are lying about Roy Moore.

Roy Moore.... I don't know, maybe in sunglasses, Roy Moore looks just like Mike Cernovich. Maybe we live in a Cernovolution, where everyone is not looking different, but the dominant attraction for females have everyone looking like Mike Cernovich and one day all men will look like the Gorilla.

Can't say men would mind as long as it was spiced with Thai pepper.