Monday, November 20, 2017

The Clenched Fist of Political Assassination.

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Deep in the thousands of JFK assassination documents buried in the last recesses of a documentation dump, is this most interesting European report, concerning an action by Lee Harvey Oswald, which captured this agent's attention, as he had seen this sign flashed before, but could not remember where.

Oswald made absolutely certain, that the first time he was exposed to mass media and witnesses that his raised clinched fist, in this peculiar manner which the European noted was going to be recorded. Lee Harvey Oswald was stating something in code to only those few who would know what he was signalling.


This sign alone means that Lee Harvey Oswald was not alone, that he had others he was in contact with. We know he attempted to contact a military handler on the east coast by telephone. Now the mystery is what was Lee Harvey Oswald telling his associates.

This is unique in Oswald sat with future CBS reporter Bob Schieffer for some time as Schieffer allowed Dallas PD to think he was a police officer to gain access. Oswald was interviewed, and yet in all of this, including the "patsy" claim, Lee Harvey Oswald never broke character, until right before his death when he flashed this infamous fist signal.

The thing in this, is that the European named WENSTROM, and thought to be linked to a spy engaged in espionage in Sweden, does not appear to be citing the above photo, but another like photo where Oswald was flashing this same hand signal or peculiar clenched fist.

This is a translation about "dangerous organizations" which the writer warns of.

 Have you thought that our world is a great community of organizations. There  are a great number of idealistic organizations, there professional organizations, there political organizations within the business world, etc. Practically everyone in our world now belongs to one of several organizations. And the organizations have significant power in our world - one can well call them a third power in our world.

What I want to show you, with the enclosed picture, is the clenched hand, upright, slightl leaning toward the shoulder, the thumb at an angle over the fingers. It requires training, for he member, to execute this organization's sign.

I have seen this sign made, but I can not recall where, as well as writing paper with this emblem.

He wants to show with this sign, all is clear (comment) could be translated: the job is finished), but help me now.

(If) You can get hold of this organization, which has this sign, you have come to the solution of that terrible crime, which happened in 1963, in your part of the world.

I have traveled much, you can certainly search out this organization in our world,  I wish you great success and sign,


There is a clue in this that Wenstrom points to Oswald was sending a signal that he needs help and for his powerful associates to assist him. That assistance never came, but a bullet did to cover up those who staged this and cemented Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman.

It has now been 54 years since John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and 53 years since this alert came into a US embassy in Sweden. That many years and this clenched fist and the organization exposed by Oswald has remained protected.

Everything has been in plain sight for all of this time, and it was provided by Lee Harvey Oswald. It is telling that no one has made an issue of this event.

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