Monday, November 20, 2017

The Good American Company

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is in praise of American conglomerates. It is a tale of my personal experience with two businesses at business in America, one American and one Asian.

The first is HTC of Taiwan, which terrorizes and torments customers who have problems with their dangerous phones. To refresh people's memories, I had an HTC phone, which the NSA or FBI was pulling so much data off of, that it overheated and warped the back cover of the phone. Others have had the same problems, so it is not about Stingray spying alone, but it is significant that once I posted on the problems here, that phone never overheated again.
My lap top will still get hot, but that is a different universe of spying.

When I demanded that HTC make things right, they refused to reply. When I put the BBB on them, a Mexican sounding woman, I got nothing, because HTC has Mexican service personnel who do absolutely nothing but be SOB's to customers.
In reviewing other people complaining, HTC actually has people send in phones and then after a month HTC sends back another phone which is not the right phone, often times the employees are using the phones for their personal use and beat to hell.

Needless to say I will never buy another HTC product and when Peking nukes Taiwan, I will be most pleased, when Peking hauls these scoundrels away to slave camps in Russian Siberia.

HTC is a criminal enterprise and the United States Government should be protecting consumers from these Asian scoundrels, but of course that is what America has pouring in yet under Donald Trump are these crooks from Asia.

The next conglomerate is Pepsi. Yes the soft drink manufacturer.

I buy soda in bulk, when it is on sale as it is cheap. A few months ago, I started noticing wet spots on the floor and discovered it was pop. It was real sugar Pepsi and it was leaking.
I thought perhaps I had dropped a container or things happen in there was just a bad can.
Then it happened with a second box, and I thought, "Ok it must have been a few cans had a problem".
Then on an especially crappy day, I noticed a big pool of pop on the floor which was not cat pee, and discovered it was a third Pepsi container which was leaking. I decided to contact the company as I was out 12 cans, and after I reported the problem, a can I had on the counter was spraying this plume, so I had another mess to clean up.

Pepsi without hesitation made things right. Yes I filled out the bar codes and information on the 12 pack which I still had, and told them I had trouble with two other containers, and within a week, they gave me a full refund.

I am not saying all American companies are good. The company that makes Northern tissue is a bastard when I contacted them in they wanted me to ship the entire package back to them. I simply told them, "No I will just stop buying your products and make sure I tell everyone what bastards you are". See a customer screwed over is still talking about bad experiences a decade later.

That is why I am praising Pepsico, in they treat Americans the way they should be treated. I have had the same positive responses from Mars Candy Company and Hersheys too. That is what American companies for the most part respond like in making things right with the customer and it is why Americans need American companies to manufacture goods, as you try and talk to those Asian companies and those bastards get off on f*cking Americans over on the phone.

From this experience, I will always purchase some Pepsi products and tell people what a good company they are. They are a company that people with money should buy stocks in, and people should always support American companies, because can you imagine what the hell kind of ox piss is coming out of Mexico or China in their sodas? Try filing a consumer complaint and they will just ignore you.

So Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and whatever else they have, will be a first choice for me. That is not to say that Coke is not a good company, but I have not had any dealing with them. If Coke donates six figures and throws in tank of Mr. Pibb, I will be sure to say nice things about them too.

As for now, Pepsi takes care of American customers and I am thankful for that, as HTC of Asia is a menace to society as they give business a bad name.

Pepsi an American business which gives business a good name.