Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Flavor of Hubbard Squash

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I received this nice note tonight and it was very kind about the blog content, as I have been feeling lately that the blog does not measure up.

LC, Love reading your daily blog, I learn so much from you that is not on any other web site.

I was telling my Aunt about the blog yesterday, and explained to her that last year when people were in a good mood, in expecting good things in the promises of Donald Trump, that donations were the best I ever have experienced. Donald Trump can brag about his fake stock market records, but I know the Truth in donations, in his crushing the hopes of Americans, has made it bad for business in this blog. Wall Street profits but real working poor people are penalized by Mr. Trump's high sugar, high gas and half the donations disappeared this year.
That is the reality of the Trump economy. Americans are disgruntled and have no hope. GAB AI can raise a million dollars on bit coin speculation, but talk is cheap here.

We had a nice Thanksgiving. It was the best meal I have ever had which surprised me, as I baked sweet potatoes, apples,  butter and brown sugar and it was just wonderful apple flavor and light. The George and Martha Washington pumpkin was perfection. We are still eating leftovers in beef and that is something to be looked forward to rather than turkey. I prefer my turkeys chasing me around in the morning feeding them and singing at me while I do chores.

I have enjoyed the past few days. I hope to write about the experiences of the dying, the dead and the living. It is more a measure in the weather was nice, the kitty claw marks are not as numerous, things which I had been trying to figure out got figured out, and tonight in a wind storm, Baby Belle and Daisy decided they needed a drink after having access to water all day, so I was standing around waiting for them in the  twilight.

I really like growing squash but none grew for me this year. Hubbards are fun, but have the hardest of rinds. I can not eat buttercups as they just are horrid flavored to me, acorns are bland, so TL and I for Thanksgiving made squash strips, which are thin strips coated in olive oil, salt and peppered, baked for several hours to a kind if jerky like appearance and that is how I like to eat squash. It tastes a great deal like those sweet potato chips you can buy.

I keep telling myself if I work harder that things will go better, but that is not logical. It is all I have besides prayer and that is not exactly making me Queen of the Nile. I have not enjoyed the blog lately, as I do my best work when I am in a flow and being snarky.  Writing about events now is like covering WWE as a real event. It is all fake and being held hostage by John McCain in another already decided vote, as Mr. High Rise has sold out on signing the bill at all costs, for passing his judges in the Senate and  Trumpnesty for those damned foreigners to be legalize by Mr. Trumpnesty, holds absolutely no feeling like a 7 year callous.

I will try to do better. As it just feels like I am spinning my wheels.

I did want to thank people though for their thinking of me and us.  I realize everyone with any sense is just at that point in this too long drama of 2017, that just to be rid of it, they will be glad to put on the heavier tax chains, listen to more lies about tax breaks and accept some crumb which was croutons last summer.

As I have put in my 17 hours today I should probably get to bed.

Cast off from the shore on the sea of dreams
Upon sheets which cover the night
On a bed of currents going nowhere in darkness there
Adrift in a sleep awaiting for light...... 

I noticed I never write poetry any more.