Thursday, November 30, 2017

Trump Trade and things that Dock in the Dark

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is something which you are not supposed to know about as it shatters the monopoly on the exploitation of Americans in DVD and Blue Ray players and it is immensely illegal, but is global.

See, in DVD's there are regions from 1 to 6, and they will not play on most DVD and Blue Ray players, only the region you live in. America and Canada are Region 1, Oz is Region 4, England is Region 2 etc.. with China Region 6.
See in America, they make cool programs with rock tracks, but it costs too much to keep the original scores on,  so you get crap fill in music, while other regions get the original scores. That is how they screw Americans over, as Americans are supposed to have money.

So I was looking for an all region player, and I contacted Sony about program codes and other things on an old DVD player, and in discussing this with customer service, I asked Sony which all region player they would recommend. Sony informed me that they did not manufacture any such player.
I informed them, "Well Amazon has a number of Sony players which are all region."

This surprised the rep and they began checking it out, and to make a long story short, by God's Holy Spirit I pieced together what exactly what was taking place and it is as follows.

Sony, like all manufacturers are outsourcing their electronics to China. China is a dirty son of a chop stick crime ridden nation and everyone knows it. Sony can not legally manufacture all region players as the billion dollar CD industry would sue them in raising hell, as they have to gouge Americans.
To get around this, Sony outsources and their "official" products in official stores are region specific. Then there are these Chinese manufactured types which are all region, that are coming in by the boatload across the globe, and every customs group around the world has been ordered to let this stuff in as it is all part of this scam.
Every regime knows this, and because the cartel is propping up China in this global rapine, everyone pretends that this is not taking place.

That is the Lame Cherry exclusive. It explains why some of these players are working great and others are shit. China has no quality control unlike Japan or South Korea. It explains the references people always make to Sony saying they do not do this and there are machines all  over the globe which do.
China is either bootlegging hundreds of millions of dollars or it is kicking back to Sony hundreds of millions of dollars in these devices in this off book market share.

This is Trump Trade, and it reveals what this blog has been bitching about forever in Americans are being robbed ass over tea kettle, being imprisoned in regions and those Chicoms are cleaning up.

Of course Sony players all are manufactured for all region,  but they lie and tell consumers they are not. It is so they do not end up sued over this "market share" in only gouging Americans with Region 1 players.

Now you know something which you did not know, and it is how the real world works. There is the law which murders LaVoy Finicum and the law which sets Hilary Clinton free. The law of the Chicoms is to promote the greatest of crimes in copyright infringement, piracy, kickbacks and bribes, and no one says a thing as the deep state global organized crime is running this scheme.

This is Jeff Bezos at Amazon, the billionaire, and he is getting away with this, as it services Americans in their needs, to not be gouged by Hollywood and the "legal" imprisoning of Americans into Region 1 to exploit them.

That is not something Donald Trump is going to talk about. Frankly, anything which is good for the consumer is always the best, but the problem is in this that China screws consumers over in lack of quality control. I once went through 3 batteries for a laptop until one fit and worked.

Now you know the Truth in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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