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The Lies of Leigh Corfman Continue

Leigh Corfman Olympic Sprinter at age 14...

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Roy Moore owes intrepid investigative journalist Aaron Klein an immense debt as Mr. Klein has been blasting holes in the story of Leigh Corfman in what an absolute liar she is and what fake news the Washington Post has generated as they have a history of preying on people who are mentally unbalanced as sources for stories.

The latest revelation is Leigh Corfman's story with absolute dates now involved in the court heart was March 21st, 1979.  What Mr. Klein uncovered though is that juvenile Corfman was impossible to handle for her mother, in other words, the court handed custody over to the father.

A thorough search of court documents finds one court case in February 1979—a case that took place on February 21, 1979.  The Post failed to tell readers that at that February 21, 1979, court case Wells voluntarily gave up custody of Corfman to Corfman’s father, Robert R. Corfman.  The two had been divorced since 1974.  The custody case was amicable and involved a joint petition by both parents.
The Post further did not tell readers that as a result of the joint petition to change custody, the court ordered the 14-year-old Corfman to move to her father’s house starting on March 4, 1979.  Court documents show the father’s address in Ohatchee, and not in Gadsden, where her mother lived and where Corfman says the meetings with Moore took place.

That is 12 days, and here is a calendar reproduction from 1979 so one can comprehend the time constraints in this.

We know that Corfman's mother worked, so she was home on the weekends.

Do not overlook that there are things in Alabama called SCHOOL, and 14 year old girls are in school, and not home to be receiving calls from older men.

Do the math, the 21st is removed, so we are down to 11 days. Remove the 4 weekend days and we are down to 7 days. Remove the 7 school days and we are down to ZERO DAYS Leigh Corfman could have been disappearing for at least 3 hours on two occasions.

Playing the Post advocate, say Corfman got off at 3:30 from school, and mother had to work until 5, so she arrived home at 5:30. Once again, that is not enough time for even and unattended child to run off and meet people for road trips.

What is contemptible is Obama voter, Peggy Noonan, has engaged in smearing Roy Moore in all of these Corfman lies, in appealing to Alabama vaginas to vote against the male penis, well at least attached to Roy Moore, as she is quite fine with democrat Doug Jones who was backing the KKK and other embarrassing situations.

There are better conservatives in Alabama than Roy Moore. Republican women, rise up and raise hell. That would be real loyalty, and to those who are really your own.

It does not make any difference if there are better Conservatives in Alabama, and Peggy Noonan knows it, because Roy Moore is the Conservative in this race, and either Alabama  women and men vote for Roy Moore or they get another Mitch McConnell or Hillary Clinton liberal, just like Peggy Noonan is, a political prostitute.

This all continues in the reality that Corfman lied about having a phone in her bedroom.

Speaking by phone to Breitbart News, Wells, 71, says that her daughter did not have a phone in her bedroom during the period that Moore is reported to have allegedly called Corfman—purportedly on Corfman’s bedroom phone—to arrange at least one encounter.
The Washington Post cited Corfman as remembering that she provided Moore with her number when she was 14. She said that she spoke to Moore from what she described as the phone in her bedroom.

With the new information that Corfman said she was picked up at a busy intersection, meaning Roy Moore COULD NOT PARK THERE, and that intersection was a mile away from her home.
Corfman was 14. She was not 4 minute mile sprinter, so we are talking about 20 minutes to 45 minutes, which now places Leigh Corfman in her own words, 30 minutes with Moore riding to the destination. That would be 2 ways in an hour.
Corfman states Moore put down blankets on the floor, so that is again 30 minutes in "things" taking place, getting dressed, undressed, walking to and from the car, so again we are speaking of 3 to 4 hours that Roy Moore and Corfman were supposed to be together.
We are led to believe this was an afternoon jaunt, as in after noon. 1 o'clock in this time is 4 to 5 o'clock, because Moore is likely to drop Corfman off at the same location, meaning it is a 4 hour to 5 hour period of time, and how does a sweaty little girl explain why she is sweating running home from someplace.

The Post mentions the specific intersection where Corfman says that Moore picked her up around the corner from her mother’s house.  The Post reports, “She says she talked to Moore on her phone in her bedroom, and they made plans for him to pick her up at Alcott Road and Riley Street, around the corner from her house.”
DuPre said that intersection was almost a mile away from her mother’s house at the time and would have been across a major thoroughfare.

If this was summer vacation, or a Christmas vacation, there could be a doubt against Roy Moore, but this is in late February and early March, there are not school breaks in this time, and a child not being in school in that era would have calls to parents asking why the child disappeared.  There simply is not time for Leigh Corfman to meet Roy Moore, even if she cut school due to the distant and times involved, according to her story.

Leigh Corfman is a moron in the story the Washington Post fake newsed.  The court documents prove the time exactly and in this time frame, we now have Corfman lying about the phone calls and unless she is an Olympic sprinter at age 14, there is not enough time in any afternoon or morning for her to sprint off for a rendezvous as mummy was home too long in the morning and mummy was home too soon in the afternoon.

There were ZERO DAYS available for this rendezvous and  not enough hours in an afternoon or morning. If Corfman had not been Post coached to recreate the Garden of Good and Evil pulp fiction, and instead just had Moore roar up in his Ranchero, pipes thundering and woofers tweeting with Rod Stewart singing, "If You Think I'm Sexy",  it would have all been more than enough hours for Corfman to be on the DA than on the phone or asphalt.

Leigh Corfman really needs to be institutionalized for her delusions, while the Post needs to be investigated for manipulating unbalanced women and Peggy Noonan needs to be prosecuted for tampering in the elections of Alabama.

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The deep state needs to hire me to write these scenarios as I could really rock them and not leave these holes in them. Mitch McConnell is just too Ashley Judd in what he writes for Leigh Corfman, as the devil is in those details.

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