Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Why are Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan Silent on Sexual Perversion in Joe Barton

 No wonder nothing got done on the Trump Agenda in 2017

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry calls upon the United States House of Representatives to remove Rep. Joe Barton from the People's House, as what has emerged in his posting nude photos online, sending masturbating videos and texting perverse Prince Charles messages are the epitome of lewdness, fornication, stupidity and harms the Republican Party and more to the point, opens Barton up to blackmail by foreign powers.
This pervert does not belong in the US Congress.

The Twitter user who posted the naked shot and graphic text claims to also have several videos of Barton masturbating -- and tagged the Twitter accounts of President Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz. It's unclear if the tweeter is the woman to whom Barton admits sending the photos -- but the person claims he/she is being "harassed" by Barton.

It does not matter if this woman is seeking revenge, does not matter if she is a democratic operative. What matters is Joe Barton is perverse and belongs GONE from the US Capitol.

Politically, Texas has a Republican Governor, so a Republican will be appointed, who would win the district and this would send the message that the GOP is not Al Franken.

What is the worst in this is Mitch McConnell could not smear innocent Judge Roy Moore enough, but in this case of absolute proof, McConnell and the GOP leadership are once again providing cover for these crony perverts.
To make the point, the reason so many of these people are retiring is there are Joe Barton problems with them.

As a Christian Conservative, I do not want this pervert in the Congress. He is not some dirty old horn dog working at Playboy, he is a US Congressman and he did this, is responsible, it is disgusting and for the GOP and the Trump agenda, it is time to remove Barton and fix this immediately, as it gives leverage to remove Franken and weakens Hillary Clinton for 2020.

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