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The Magnified Nuclear Heater

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Since I am not Thomas Edison with a daddy Ford bucks funding a lab for me, my work on innovation is the labratory of the mind where I construct things as my mind is a CAD program where I rolling objects around and assemble them from different points of view.

The subject of this is something I was fascinated by in the first time I watched James Bond in I think it was Goldfinger with Roger Moore. The movie does not matter, but it is the scene where the criminal has a solar powered reflector mirror concentrating the sun's light to a laset beam type thing.
I have been fascinated since my wicked childhood in killing insects, particularly a large blue dragon fly for which I am sorry for with a magnifying glass, to assess the power of solar thermal radiation.
I apologize for the delay in typing this, but Firefox in spying for the NSA is resetting all of my browser portals as I refuse to update, so I have to keep switching back from the word program to the wifi and browser to try and get online.

Anyway, I know that it is possible, and affordable to create a 90% heat exchanger for a home, which would only require a 10% back up of some type for periods of clouds or storms. The ratio would increase in more humid areas and in northern areas, but in most of the United States, this system would be 100% as the US is quite warm for most of the winter.

What I would construct would be a sun porch, as this unit would best function in a room not exposed to cold outside conditions.  

The construction would be quite rudimentary. On the top and sides would be a series of magnifying glasses which would be aimed at the sun in the correct winter angle. In a really high tech set up, it would be on a slow timer moving with the sun. In my version, as people used to haul in wood for the stove or bake bread and do laundry, one of their tasks would be just to move the lens on a swivel at the sun a few times in the afternoon.

In this the lenses are concentrating the energy of the sun to a smaller point, so you have many points of light, at around 1000 degress F. Natural gas is around 3000 degrees, but as your home would ignite at 451 degrees as that is the combustion temperature of wood products, the 1000 degrees is more than adequate.

Inside the solar generator, we have mediums of it painted black, as black absorbs heat, and as this is thermal plane glass covered, it is already a solar bake oven collecting heat.

I choose things that do not explode or ignite, so that means in this, we would deal with heat treated copper as in those Amish heat exchangers, and the best thing mother nature invented in bricks or concrete, for thermal mass to hold the heat and later have it radiated out. 

This would be insulated so that no one would be burned, but central air would be piped in. The construction would be the intake at the far end of the house, on the floor for cold air. A fan to push air into the system and a fan pulling the hot air out, and pushing it near the out take on the floor, for easy access.
The point is to push a huge volume of air, so that it did not take a coon's age to warm the entire house up.

Theory would project it would be much warmer at the out take near the stove and might be quite toasty.

I think a good filter would be necessary, maybe steel wool or whatever as you do not want dust in the magnifcation chamber as that would cloud the solar power.

This could be expanded to heat a liquid, and then pump it to radiators or under the floor, but that would add to the complexity. I am wondering if instead one could make hot air chimneys in several rooms to super heat these columns, and then they could radiate heat later.

The entire reality of the system is that as this is "free energy", that one would not skimp. It would be ideal to warm the house to 85 to 90 degrees, and bedrooms would be a sleeping temperature in the 70's, being outside the system. Keeping the house hot, would then deal with cloudy days.
In testing the Russian masonry stoves, using wood fire as the heat core, these columns radiate heat for 3 days. That is the point of this magnification chamber, in getting it hot, so that it would be able to bleed heat off for several days in not premium conditions.  

I would make this a big mother, as in room size, as the point is to make this shorts in the house and bare feet, than freezing your ass off like Jimmy Carter in a wool sweater. Make it wall size and in most cases it would or should produce too much heat.

The cost of running it would be the fans, thermostat set on the exhaust wall, and if one opted for a lens turner. Am thinking even in high electric, it would not be over 150 dollars for a 6 month season. Kick in a solar power, with battery packs and it would run on zero cost.

Guestimate is the system would cost around 1500 to 1800 dollars. The wall of windows for this would be the real cost though in the 5000 dollar range.

I have better ideas, but am sorting through these things, to simply prove that it is possible to heat a home in using a system like this. It simply needs to be sorted out.

That about is all I need to post in the archives concerning this, so I have a record for "someday".

I read about Solar collection in power plants like Solar One. In these plants the where they make molten salt, for heat transfer for running steam generator. At the reciever of Solar One plant or concentrated light point temperature reachest approximately 1,050 Fahrenheit.

Does propane burn hotter than natural gas? |

Propane and natural gas burn at nearly equal flame temperatures (3,560 degrees Fahrenheit). However, propane yields more energy per unit volume than natural gas does.

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