Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The McConnell Miscacluations on Judge Roy Moore

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The tides of witch hunts turn and the headlines say it all in the fake polls exposed on this blog that Roy Moore was never behind in the Alabama Senate race, after being trashed by all the Republicans, including Mr. President, has shown a trend that Donald Trump is talking that 40 years ago was a long time and that Mitch McConnell has ceased his "write in campaign" to put a Luther Strange on the ballot, has been shown in polls to be such a disaster by Alabamans that Mitch the Witcher has retreated to another track to keep the deep state in control of America.

White House Joins GOP Line That Keeping Alabama Seat Matters Most
The White House on Monday joined a growing chorus of Republicans declining to formally back embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore but stressing the GOP-held …
MSN News

Yes, the same dolts who could not break the Trump voters in 2016 thought they could roll the Alabama voters to make them go fetal with these lying women in Alabama accusing the innocent Roy Moore. Once that failed, Mitch McConnell has now stated that he will see Roy Moore is removed from the United States Senate, defying the voters of Alabama.
The Lame Cherry states one thing in this, and it is, "Please you fumducker Mitch McConnell, boot Roy Moore out of the US Senate, as that will cement him as a national figure who will primary Donald Trump in 2020, because Roy Moore is the Trump that Donald Trump promised he would be".

Mitch McConnell: Roy Moore Will Face Ethics Committee ...

Nov 15, 2017 · Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that if Judge Roy Moore wins the Alabama Senate race, he will immediately face a Senate Ethics Committee investigation.

Seriously, can you imagine those traitors in Congress with an 82% disapproval rating of public hatred, making a martyr out of Roy Moore for Mitch McConnell? A group of liars, cheats, backstabbers, #NeverTrumpers, child molesters and sex perverts ganging up on an innocent man, Roy Moore might as well start signing his name as Mr. President now, thanks to Mitch McConnell who never gets anything right.

Donald Trump, once he gets this figured out that Mitch McConnell is creating the Make America Great Again with Roy Moore, Trump is going to go Tweet Ballistic. Roy Moore is the man who the deep state threw out of the Alabama Supreme Court and it only made him a greater public figure. Trump and McConnell tried to deny him the Alabama GOP Senate slot and it only made him stronger. This fake floozy witch hunt has not worked and only made him stronger. Mitch McConnell lynching Roy Moore in the Senate is going to make him President and retire Donald Trump.

Report: Roy Moore Raised More Than $1 Million in Last 10 Days ...

Nov 21, 2017 · Fmr WH Deputy CoS Katie Walsh: Roy Moore's Vote Needed for Tax Reform, Alabama Voters Should Decide Fate. Comments;

Roy Moore is a donating machine, and I hope all of you non donors have donated to his campaign, instead of being the dead beats you are.
In case you missed the above, notice what little hose bag is being moved by the deep state to promoted Roy Moore.
Yes Katie Walsh.

That is most interesting as after Donald Trump fired Katie Walsh for being a tramp leaker, she found succor in the good offices of Mike Pence..........but if you notice in this thwarting of the Will of the People, it was Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence trying to force Roy Moore from the Alabama GOP ticket, and put that deep state Jeff Sessions on ticket. This is bizarre as it would mean booting Luther Strange, making Sessions quit, getting the Alabama Governor who is supporting Judge Moore to appoint Sessions  and then putting Sessions on the ticket which time ran out on.
This is the kind of leadership McConnell and Pence come up with. What you can deduce from the above is simple, in the Governor of Alabama and Judge Moore both told them to take their bribes and stick them up their asses.

Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence discuss removing Roy Moore ...

Real-Time News from; Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence discuss removing Roy Moore, appointing Sessions to Senate

Let us return to Strap on Katie though as here is she is a deep state stooge, and Mike Pence enjoys her company, so just recall the above headline of Pence plotting with McConnell to destroy and replace Roy Moore, and now that the polling shows that Roy Moore is going to wing the Alabama Senate Seat as Alabamans can not be shucked, there appears Katie Walsh in Breitbart now stating for her whore's price that Roy Moore is needed for his vote for tax reform.
A vote which will take place after Roy Moore is sworn in. A vote which Roy Moore will be blamed for defeat and castigated for victory as that is factored in already.
Did you ever think that is why Mitch McConnell is holding off the vote to keep his tax hikes on Americans and sully up Roy Moore with that vote?

Fmr WH Deputy CoS Katie Walsh: Roy Moore's Vote Needed for ...

Nov 20, 2017 · Fmr WH Deputy CoS Katie Walsh: Roy Moore's Vote Needed for Tax Reform, Alabama Voters Should Decide Fate

The Lame Cherry is going to tell you something in what the fear of Roy Moore is. It is not that he is a Christian, Republican or Conservative. It is he is going to go to Washington and tell everyone exactly what a shit hole whorehouse it is and Judge Moore is going to name names. That little black mail shack called Capitol Hill is going to get exposed and then what runs that place against Americans is going to start being exposed.
They smeared this man a pedophile, what do you think he is going to do this heathen bunch? What do you think his next step is when Mitch McConnell throws him out of the Senate?

You are looking at President Roy Moore 2021 AD in the year of our Lord.