Monday, November 27, 2017

The New Trump Reversals state They know Judge Moore is Innocent.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The newest David John Oates reversals on Jeff Rense' program are interesting, in an Andrew Weiss speaking about Russian sanctions calls the action the casket for the President.

Robert Mueller talks about a ship in orbit.

The Las Vegas FBI references Armageddon with that massacre and makes Biblical references. Something did take place in Las Vegas more than what is being stated.

Donald Trump has two reversals. The first he confirms that the hurricane which struck Florida, they could not get rid of it, and Trump then states they nuked it, meaning a confirmation that there was weather control involved in this massive hurricane.

Lastly, the President confirms that Judge Roy Moore is innocent and they all know it. That is particularly heinous in the reality that Mr Trump refused to campaign for the innocent Judge Moore and has John Kelly putting in that pedo promoter Marine Colonel to try and bleed off enough votes to elect that horrid democrat, Doug Jones.

These are the reversals and at least the flow of them is returning and Mr. Oates is finding with his associates some insights to what is really taking place.

Andrew Weiss

Executive order for President sanctions on Russia - The show is your casket

Andrew Weiss, The Trump Organization, LLC Executive Vice ...

Read the latest updates for Andrew Weiss, the Executive Vice President at The Trump Organization, LLC. REDBOOKS aggregates over 800K sources to provide real-time ...

Chuck Schumer

America Israel relationship - Now see the scene

Congressman Steve Cohn

Trump's impeachment - Twitter we're gonna get

FBI Agent Reuse (Las Vegas)

Fundamental trust of America with the FBI - Armageddon shame on media or (I'll forget the shame of the media)

Globally we have hundreds of agents - Skull for Bible myth

Sheriff Lombardo

To discuss their mental state - All November sucks

These officers took care of the wounded - They know it was a rapist

Draw an accurate picture - Weather shit

To stop the bleeding - They made a mistake

Robert Mueller

Gather intelligence - Hear the name, get into her ship, the orbit

Everybody signed a piece of paper where the Director sends them - Hillary to win

It becomes a political issue - The Mossad

Hillary Clinton

Let's go to earth II - Blank it dead

Make peace with your enemies - Survive the illness

The emails - Just say the madness

We know the web connections between Trump and Russia - Warn you

Jeff Sessions

Good people don't smoke weed - Kind of help to stay mellow

John McCain

Rand Paul works for Putin - Damn you

The Senator from Kentucky - The secret

Paul Ryan

We tried this before - Said they choked

Donald Trump

Country doing well - Folks is your fuss in Moses

As bad as the hurricane was, could not get rid of it - They would nuke it

Roy Moore denies it - Now they believe it

Our stock market hit a high - The best citizen (talking about himself)