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A Viking Abstinence

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The Viking asked me if Abstinence as Russell Kirk spoke of was the answer.

Kirk is the progenitor of what is termed Conservatism. He based it on six secular principles which he defined in the following six principles

What  they can be broken down to is tradition, is proven by generations of experience to safeguard society from new ideas which could genocide the entire population.
Think of it this way, was America and the world more stable or less stable as Obama's community organized revolutions swept the globe?


Kirk developed six "canons" of conservatism, which Russello (2004) described as follows:
  1. A belief in a transcendent order, which Kirk described variously as based in tradition, divine revelation, or natural law;
  2. An affection for the "variety and mystery" of human existence;
  3. A conviction that society requires orders and classes that emphasize "natural" distinctions;
  4. A belief that property and freedom are closely linked;
  5. A faith in custom, convention, and prescription, and
  6. A recognition that innovation must be tied to existing traditions and customs, which entails a respect for the political value of prudence.

It is important to study point 6, in 'innovation' or new ideas must be tried, or one ends up with 1000 years of Muslim stagnation, but one can not rip societal norms out by being imprudent, as aborticide in the 1960's to Obama sodomy proved in the 21st century. Society is a place of order, and taking the order from it, produces death. A society is meant for having babies to continue the people who built that culture, aborticide to sodomy tears down that order by giving license to the few to benefit from the majority upholding moral standards.

Kirk's view of "classical liberals" is positive though; he agrees with them on "ordered liberty" as they make "common cause with regular conservatives against the menace of democratic despotism and economic collectivism."

Kirk in above is speaking of what became Obama, in the democratic despot railing against societal norms and Obama's redistribution of wealth in bribing Wall Street and Welfare Street while bankrupting America.

This is all conditioned by the bad books or bad propaganda which advises the lazy to do what they want in stealing from other's prudence.
It all comes down to in the majority of cases  reading the Bible creates a productive and stable mind, while reading Hillary Clinton's books creates brain rot.

The person who reads bad books instead of good may be subtly corrupted; the person who reads nothing at all maybe forever adrift in life unless he lives in a community still powerfully influenced by what Gustave Thibon calls “moral habits” and by oral tradition. And absolute abstinence from printed matter has become rare. If a small boy does not read Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island (1883), the odds are that he will read Mad Ghoul Comics.

I am going to address at the base of this in the Viking's question of not just abstinence from pulp trash or mind warping media, but the abstinence from sex.

The Bible teaches sex is between a husband and wife, no one else. There is a reality in this world of high sugars and electronic stimulation which created over sexed humans. Masturbation is a joining to those masturbated to, as much as engaging in sexual acts with others, leaves a piece of you with that other person, and the pollution of that other person in you.

This revelation will probably surprise numbers of you, but I am abstinent in numbers of things, including sex. I live in a presence where sex is a situation which would be an interference with God, this work here, and with the Spirit in me.
Sex generates at a different frequency, as other things generate at different frequencies. It is energy and why satanic rites use sexual energy for certain rituals. Sex opens doors and leaves doors open that things enter into the person. It is a situation as St. Paul notes that couples should not abstain from sex due to the temptation of infidelities. For myself, I have trained myself with focusing God. I am not a hormone imbalanced waif. I am an adult in control of my being by God's Grace, finally becoming the creation I was meant to be.
Abstinence is not a chore, it is a purpose driven in this life, as it would create situations which were not affordable in children and create something which would not be advisable at this juncture.

I simply operate at a higher frequency in abstinence. It is why the military trained for a focus on war instead of sex, as sex loses objectives. One can not achieve the objective if the objective involves an organism. An organism fades while the Spiritual grows.

I do not advocate for any of this for people except the Biblical. I am simply at what works for me. I abstain from pollution in music, news, people and sex. Not having sex is not going to kill me, and having sex will definitely produce eternal death when not in God's Law and at this point would not benefit, as too many use sex to satisfy urges or for comfort or conquest, and one is left more empty than the act.

I have been assaulted by sexual demons, or allured by them and I have rejected them. This is not to state that this has not happened recently. In my experience this is something that happens when I sleep, and I in every instance become more angry and determined not to have this happen again. I know the source this is from, and the person feeds off the emotions of others. It is disgusting that someone feeds off the sexual impulses of others. This particular person has caused great harm to their children as it influenced them and it is not going to feed off of me ever again.

I choose to be disciplined. Discipline brings it's rewards as I enjoy the experience of life more fully as a child would, before puberty inflicts it's passion upon teenagers. Being aware of sex and it's pitfalls, it is more logical and fulfilling to be the untouched child unencumbered by the affliction ruining billions of lives.

So is abstinence the answer? Yes it is and that is why the cartel has been selling sex and raping you with all the things ideologies to take you away from God.

It is one reason I am not pleased to be stuck doing this blog, as for the most part I have to deal with the filth of the world and it is something the Spirit in me screams out against. I do not want it and the voice inside me tells me I need about 6 weeks of sleep and months of placid pools of water and not being shot out of an emotional cannon every few hours.

I better wrap this up as someone just nuked 3 hours of my work here which left shit posts for tomorrow that you will have to figure out as you rich geniuses are smart at keeping your money and not donating in making up lame excuses, and if you can't figure it out that is your problem so let your bucks save you.

I had a fake friend in Ohio, who tried to steal from me. Her husband got revenge on her until she divorced him for 10,000 bucks in divorce, to which she whored it out for real estate husband, divorced again for the bucks, and to my surprise, she is now living in this 1900' shack in nowheresville, with her skank step daughter with bastards, and who should appear on the address, but the ex husband moved in.
All that lack of abstinence and it got them all back to the same rotten crotch from 10 years ago after transfers of divorce bonuses.

No one ever says they Abstinenced their life away.

- Lame Cherry

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