Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Where is Mrs. Al Franken?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Women complain and wonder about sexual abuse, and yet who was it that was holding the pants of the Sarah Palin political rapists, but the liberal females of America.

Who is on a witch hunt against Judge Roy Moore, but women at the Washington Post and a number of lying Alabama women.

Who joined in when Hillary Clinton was busy assaulting the women that Bill Clinton raped, but the same liberal females who were giving the Kennedy abusers a break.

This has now descended into thee most bizarre of conditions in the "weepers of Hillary Clinton". You remember these sobbers who were  around Hillary, sounding like their Barbie got ate by the dog, and then became ranting Ashley Judd looking psycho, and have now gathered around the RU486 empty pill bottle pile and issued a cover statement for Al Franken that molesting women was alright with them, because Al was a good family man and whatever, when he was not bullying, molesting and assaulting women.

The Viking sent me a note, reflecting upon his passing experience with Al Franken. The term was feeling creeped out and needing a shower, after just being around Senator Molester.

Al Franken venture into wooing the ladies: “Menz told CNN that what happened immediately after she took the photo with Franken that summer day in 2010 has also stayed with her.” As I said in an earlier mail, the impression just doesn’t go away. It’s like encountering a demon from hell without being there.

The question in this is, where is Mrs. Al Franken? She certainly, while not taking Al's name, has benefited greatly in her husband's assaults upon women. She is a woman who has remained silent, while her husband broke his marriage vows, attacked women, bullied women, assaulted women, cheated on, Fannie Bryson is the Hillary Clinton of Minnesota in she is the one who helped Al Franken steal the election from Senator Norm Coleman in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord.

Franni Bryson, Al Franken's Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Franni Bryson is the wife of U.S. Senator Al Franken. The couple met in college, got married, and raised two children together.

We do know the abuse in the Franken household though, as Al Franken drove his wife to drink and then these two used her being a drunk, to sway public sympathy for the abusive Franken in 2008.
Again where is Mrs. Al Franken, when American women are speaking out about sexual abuse?

Fairly early on in the couple’s marriage, Bryson struggled with alcoholism. Thankfully, Bryson was able to overcome the addiction, but it’s something that isn’t far from her mind, especially because of the support that she received from her husband.
Although this struggle has been a very personal one, Franken has never publicly spoken about his wife’s battle, according to the Star Tribune.
However, Bryson opened up about her battle in an ad for her husband’s senate campaign in 2008.

If one examines the case of Charlie Rose, he had his testicles cut off by his female co hosts at CBS. They did not give him a pass, and in that they were not the women of Saturday Night Live giving an abuser cover. Yet Fannie Bryson has joined 36 other women in covering up for Al Franken attacking other women, because those other women  "were not liberal women".

“It takes a lot of courage for these women to come forward,” she said. “Let me be very clear. There is no excuse for this alleged behavior. This I know: Women cannot achieve equality in the workplace and in society until there is a reckoning… This has to end.”

Or is it that Al Franken has so browbeat Mrs. Franken, in a recovering drunk that she simply is holed up like a battered wife in the Franken compound, with the curtains pulled, hoping Franken will not be on a tirade today with her not able to deal with it.

Does there need to be an intervention of Fannie Bryson, as she is locked away over Thanksgiving, as she certainly is not free to speak out as Judge Roy Moore's wife or Amber Tamblin denouncing her abusive husband, just what is the situation in the Franken compound, as no one sees this wife of Al Franken  who has alcohol problems  due to Al Franken as a husband and Franken having abused select women over the years.

As everyone else has made a statement in this, where is Mrs. Al Franken? Does Al have her under house arrest? Is the media colluding on this captive as the wife would run for the hills like Harvey Weinstein's wife if she had the chance? Or is it that Al has been spiking the tea with a fifth of vodka to keep his wife under control through all of this.

Either Mrs. Al Franken is being abused by Al Franken or Fanni Bryson  has enjoyed the enablers who think that it is acceptable for liberal men to rape, molest, abuse and bully women.

Where is Mrs. Al Franken?