Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been moved I suspect by God to post a Thanksgiving message, but I have not been so thankful or in much of a thanksgiving mood. It is a note from Annie though that put me over the top and has me tapping on the keyboard to say Happy Thanksgiving.

No one is thanked for being the best..okay, I'll thank you. You are the best, then there is the rest. Thank you LC!

Kind words are appreciated from those who sent them,  God bless you.

Somewhere I lost this year. I do not remember summer, fall was good for a few weeks and then it was sunless suck.

I noticed that I am not feeling like hell from almost getting killed last winter. My collar bone only hurts if I sleep on that side all night and my left arm does not feel like it is being pulled out of the socket when the Puntz is playing behind me so I reach back so she can bite and claw me.

I guess I will say that I am thankful I ain't dead and I appreciate not being dead as I appreciate TL for TL puts up with in me.

The downer was the huge disappointment Donald Trump has been as President. Expecting one thing in getting out from Obamacare mandates, to hoping for tax breaks to really get this economy moving for real Americans, was not too much to expect, but it certainly was. Getting up to WWE Tweet every day as Donald's left brain in Mitch McConnell is obliterating America's 2016 will and America's one chance in Roy Moore going to the Senate.

Thankfully I am not human refuse in Harvey Weinstein, Ashley Judd, Kevin Spacey, that star fag who reported him, and Al Franken. I still would not want to be Al Franken's hands even having touched LeeAnn Tweeden's tits. That is saying a great deal in how no one wants to be Al Franken with LeeAnn Tweeden's tits attached.

Just was thinking since Al Franken was reflecting this week and on Thanksgiving, what must it be like sitting around the table giving thanks:

Al: Thank Jew gods of Babylon that I got to touch LeeAnn Tweeden's tits.

Ma Franken: Thankfully I am one day closer to being a widow.

Boy Franken: I am thankful that everyone knows my famous father is a pervert.

Girl Franken: I am thankful I have liberal friends who understand as their fathers rape women too.

Franken grandchildren: How do I get adopted into a Christian family.

 That didn't even help.

All I have been able to do, except working on this blog saving Darwins, is trying to paint a license plate to restore it as a project. Of course when I got it, it was nice, and immediately POOM, snow and cold. Can't paint inside as TL has allergies to toxins, like that Presto cooker I got, the old woman was like cooking her pickles in Mary Kay cosmetics and I fired it up and it smelled like Hillary Clinton's tampons. Trust me, you do not want to know how I know that.
So thankfully God moved me to check this pot out, or  my food would have tasted like Yard Guard. One more thing to be thankful for in a disaster was averted.
Just sort of expected after donating 18 months of my life to save America, all of you and put Mr. Trump in the White House, that there is nothing to show it, but more game players bothering me.

What was 2017? The deep state undoing 2016 and the neo distraction of secularist getting sex lynched.

I sincerely hope all of your Thanksgiving is filled with turkey, stuffing, cranberry and pies.  I'm thankful for God finding a use for me and the what I look forward to is one day is not this world.

I did bake a loaf of bread today for lunch. A recipe of my own design. I will post it for around the 12th of December as it is filler. I better get on that before I forget the  recipe.

God bless the good of you and God bless the bad of you to change to good, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen

Seem like my life in being thankful  Hillary is not President and we have just Obama's 3rd term in Trump so we can all lie to ourselves how it is not so bad.

Osceola, Merriam, Eastern, Rio. Those are the 4 wild turkey species in  America.