Sunday, December 31, 2017

An Apple For Next Year

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 The other day there were these ugly ass apples in the grocery which were marked for 1.79 a pound. As that is about as low price as you get things in Trumpflation. Fruit for us being poor is whatever is on sale, and our favorite variety is this weeks special.

These apples have a dirty look to them, like they were grown in a coal electric plant smokestack, but as Mr. President is selling all the American coal to China and electric prices are still going up, that was the illusion as these are not pretty apples.

TL showed them to me and I said, "We might as well try them" as they couldn't be any worse than the Honeycrisp culls which were marked down tasted.

We tried them today and I was absolutely delighted with these Michigan apples named EverCrisp. I was so impressed that I looked them up as I love apples and discovered they are Fuji and Honeycrisp offspring.

The thing is Fuji to me taste like earthy dirt, a step above Northern Spy in some flavor, but absolutely no other merits.
As for Minnesota Honeycrisp, that apple never was a Fireside. It was as brittle hard to grow tree, that produced an apple which was sweet, but too much tart. It never was a Fireside in all of it's hype which earned the U of Minnesota a fortune.

That is what is so nice about EverCrisp in it surpasses both of it's parents. EverCrisp is a juicy, crisp, sweet apple. It does not have an apple flavor, but what it does have is something very unique, in it is sweet and it has a sweet aftertaste. I have never eaten anything that the sweetness did not fade. I would add in this, in EverCrisp has a sort dual sweetness in a prominent sweetness and a light sweetness.

The group that bred, trialed and released this apple do not have this apple described correctly as this apple does not taste like Fuji. EverCrisp is really the 21st century apple. It is 100 time the apple of Honeycrisp.

MAIA desrcribes EverCrisp as a sweet, crispy apple that’s grower-friendly with long storability.  Mitch Lynd, a grower from Ohio and one of MAIA’s co-founders, states that EverCrisp looks and tastes a lot like Fuji, but it’s a bit crispier.

I am pleased that for some reason no one in the metro was purchasing these sooty looking apples that remind me of Olde English apples from long ago in looks, in this apple actually was tested for flavor instead of looks, and it is a wonderful surprise.

Like Honeycrisp? Check out next generation EverCrisp apple ...

Check out next generation EverCrisp apple. ... In all, 600,000 EverCrisp trees can be found on the planet. And they're still in the introductory stage.

I am going to save the seeds from these apples and I hope they will grow as this is something which would fit perfectly with my seed grown apples and the Haralsons we will have on our property.
The thing is this apple reminds me most of Esopus Spitzenberg which was Thomas Jefferson's favorite apple. It has the same coloration and a very close flavor, although the EverCrisp is juicier and sweeter, but it is a like apple. That pleases me as Spitzenberg trees are very disease prone while EverCrisp is orchard friendly.

So if you see these ugly apples, please be brave and give them a try if they are not expensive. So many of the new fruits coming in have such high prices that I just look at them and move on. It was ridiculous in Honeycrisps were like 4 dollars a pound, but as no one bought the things, they are now marked down to get rid of them.

The more people buy these apples, the sooner  the orchards plant new trees, cut down those horrid Delicious, Honeycrisp, Fuji and Pink Lady apples for EverCrisp apples. I remember when I was young my beloved Uncle introduced me to Granny Smith apples, but those were huge apples, and select in a little market and absolutely fabulous. They are not like the apples you see now which are sour as lemons.

I hope to have these growing this spring from seed, but then that means a place to plant them. It is the stuff that dreams are made of. Things work out in sprouting seeds, we will have apples in 5 years and see how the offspring of EverCrisp work out.

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