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When did Amnesty become Trump Policy?

You want to speak to the President?
I'll get Mitch McConnell on the phone as he rules Washington DC


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I am going to reiterate this as citizens seem to forget things like there are ebola jets still pouring into the United States under Donald Trump.
Donald Trump has been pouring in green card workers, which is open ended, meaning they never have to leave.
Donald Trump has replaced Obama illegals with Trump legals.

So nothing in 2017 changed from Obama 2016, except Donald Trump made it impossible to get foreigners out of American jobs.

I will repeat again the big headline of Bank of America and ATT were handing out bonuses of 1000 dollars this year. What that means is YOU PAID for those bonuses, in those are tax deductible, and if have ever  phoned up those conglomerates you will not be speaking to an American, but some Asian or Latino who took a job from hundreds of thousands of Americans.

That is why the Lame Cherry is pointing  out, that Donald Trump has once again moved the goal posts. Remember on taxes it was 50,000 dollars and no one paid taxes, and now it is down to a penny and you pay taxes, just like the estate tax is still in place.
This time Mr. President has stated he will sign DACA into law, providing he gets funding for his border wall, which none of his hirelings will obtain money for and Ryan and McConnell are against.

President Trump retiterated Friday that there will be no new legislation for children brought to the U.S. illegally without funding for a border wall.
“The Democrats have been told, and fully understand, that there can be no DACA without the desperately needed WALL at the Southern Border and an END to the horrible Chain Migration & ridiculous Lottery System of Immigration etc. We must protect our Country at all cost!” Mr. Trumptweeted.
Mr. Trump reversed the Obama-era policy allowing DACA recipients — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — to remain in the U.S. earlier this year. He urged Congress to present him with a bill addressing the situation so those who benefit can remain in the U.S. The deadline is March 1.
The policy faced scrutiny since it was an immigration plan that critics said was not constitutional.
Democrats reportedly tried to tie DACA legislation to the Republican tax plan, but were unsuccessful. Both parties have agreed that the immigration policy will be a top priority in the new year.

To translate the above, John Kelly, the Clinton voter, has worked out that amnesty for illegals will be conducted in 2018 AD in the year of our Lord. Meaning instead of elections being American, there will be tens of millions of Muslims and Mexican rape cocks voting. Do not be snookered in this, that this is children, as these 'children' are all rapists and murderers, but it is as in London where "children" were bald men with beards. That is what DACA is, and that is what Donald Trump just signed off on. Donald Trump gets that worthless wall, which has absolutely no purpose as Donald Trump is handing out green cards and visas like a crack whore to foreigners, so the wall no longer matters as why get smuggled in, when Lutheran and Catholic Social Services give you a nice ride, a government home, 10,000 bucks in welfare and you can watch dish television every day on your fat foreign ass.

Trump has sold out American voters who trusted him. What should have been military deportation of millions of this welfare trash, has now been embedded in America, and Donald Trump brought in more vermin, and on top of that, Donald Trump for a piece of concrete just sold your American birthright.

What 2018 will be is Mitch McConnell not dealing with entitlements, which are necessary to get this fake Trump recovery going, as that is where the money is. McConnell will not repeal Obamacare, as Lindsey Graham wants. McConnell will not deal with Paul Ryan's focus on those same entitlements, but McConnell wants to spend more money on "infrastructure" which Obama spent a billion dollars on and not one things was built or fixed, but his green bankrupt industries did loot the money and funnel it back to Obama.
So that leaves DACA which Mitch McConnell will be producing with democrats and it will be complete amnesty. This is what John Kelly desires with a passion as he is the author of this as at Homeland he wanted to make all the illegals legal by Congress passing a law, so Kelly would not have to deport anyone or enforce the law. His blonde skirt replacement is the same corporatist, and that is what it will be.

You know it is going to be some fake funding, stealing some rancher's lands in Texas on the border, where some facade of a wall will appear, along with some manufacturing plant using the wall as their southern wall, and there will be big doors in it to employ Mexicans, and Americans will be screwed over again, as Donald Trump goes down for a photo op, and praises the Trump Wall being built as he DACA labor.

So in review, in 2017 Americans got absolutely nothing again. Conglomerates got everything. 2018 will be the same exact Nazi state being funded and expanding further. Simply do not expect a thing, as there can not be a recovery on this tax bill and there simply can not be a recovery with entitlements not cut to foreigners, and with more debt spending on money funneling into projects for political campaign donations.

For those who think Donald Trump is President, get a clue as John Kelly runs the Christian hater White House in going after Roy Moore and it is Mitch McConnell who is ruling Washington DC, as Donald Trump is the weakest Oval Office occupant since Jimmy Carter.

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