Thursday, December 28, 2017

Another Christian Hater

Holocaust Christians roasting on a nuclear fire
And the police state criminalizing Americans
Jewtide carols in the fires all aglow.........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that Rose Marie is dead, Carl Reiner had to chime in, which revealed  that his presence on Twitter is just as Christian hating as his son Rob Meathead Reiner is.
I you notice in the below that Reiner CHOSE to blaspheme Christians on the Christian Holy Day of Christmas to attack Donald Trump.

Carl Reiner is a multi millionaire. He doesn't waste his money that America enriched him with to help Christians. He lives in luxury, but all he can do is bitch and tear down America.

Think of it after Marxist Obama ruined America, and Reiner had absolutely no problem with that. Carl Reiner has never had one problem with Christians being destroyed inside or outside of America. But Carl Reiner's problem is with Donald Trump.......and not one word of praise for this President in supporting the Jewish State, bombing Syria for Ivanka, moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Yet there is this leftist Jew, who never served in the IDF nor sacrificed for the Jewish state, wearing the symbol of America in the cowboy hat of all American right wing good. Yes that is Carl Reiner, bastardizing America, daring to speak of Christmas as he spews the venom at Christian America.

  1. When Trump boasted that, in his 1st 100 days, he passed more legislation than any Pres, did he not know FDR passed 98 Truman 55 Eisenhower 23, Clinton 22, Obama 15 & others as many as he had?....Or was it his congenital lying gene at work?
  2. And was I ever pleased and excited seeing Norman Lear being honored for the myriad of smash shows he fostered and I also derived such 'nachus' seeing my son Rob eloquently singing Norman's praises.
  3. Since the Kennedy Center Honors were initiated, this is the very first time that a sitting US President, by not attending or being asked to attend, made the joyful event joyfuller.

  4. There is little doubt that Trump will go down in history as the President who has spent more time playing golf on private golf courses at public expense than any President since John Quincy Adams.

  5. After watching the news tonight, I'd like to reiterate what I tweeted last night only louder and in spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs into an electronic megaphone that reaches the ears of all concerned, caring citizens.
  6. Many feel that Trump, who has the urge to say, tweet or telecast his every thought, if encouraged, would voice everything that swirls around in his fertile, febrile, feverish brain, and thus hasten The Impeachment That Made America Great Again!"
  7. I am heartened to learn that every time I tweet about Trump there more and more of us are voicing their fear that the man is hell bent on strlpping the greatness from our great nation and "won't take it anymore!"
  8. Trump is proud that no President before him, has, in their first months in office, managed to fire more staff members or inspired them to resign or have , on their own, chose to leave what they foresaw as a sinking, stinking ship.

  9. In our nation's history, do you know which President had more, fallible, indictable, house-arrestable, jailable, unstable undeniably untrustable sons, a daughter, a son-in-law all working on his staff? If you didn't guess Donald J,Trump, you are 100% wrong.

What an absolute ingrate is Carl Reiner. Irving Berlin enhanced Christian America in wonderful music. All Carl Reiner did was enrich himself off of Christian America dying for his lucre and being the face of Christophobia.

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