Thursday, December 28, 2017

Melania Trump orders execution of Andrew Jackson's Memorial Magnolia Tree

Yes, cutting down the tree of Andrew Jackson, the President,
my husband branded his Presidency after, is a great idea....


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

News has come out that the Magnolia Tree which President Andrew Jackson planted as a memorial for his wife, has been ordered cut down by First Lady Melania Trump as no one wants to allow it to die of old age, but instead everyone wants it terminated.


The First Lady has ordered the wood saved, and this soft wood can be attractive, but that is not the point in this, as who will have access to this wood? I advocate Roy Underhill be given custody of this wood, and Colonial Williamsburg craft two tables to memorialize this tree and the Jackson's, unless of course we are not saving Nigger wood and burning down the Hermitage over that Confederate issue destroying American icons?


There are replacement cuttings of this Magnolia which are supposed to be replacing this tree, but this is not what should be done. The Jackson Magnolia, should be replaced with a Slovenia Linden which is a beautiful tree, and as this comes from Melania Trump's homeland, it would be a wonderful addition to the White House. What could be more fitting than the President, First Lady, Barron and his grandparents planting a tree procured from Slovenia?


Nothing of course and that is why I advocate this. The Jackson Magnolia cuttings could be moved to the entrance, where their flowering beauty can be enjoyed by all.

That is the solution in this, but of course it will not be carried out as why should a tree not be allowed to come crashing down and die on it's own........and perhaps being left there, a shoot appears from the original tree, and that way the Jackson Magnolia would be perpetual.

What does the popular girl know though about trees, unlike all these park service asstards telling the First Lady to terminate the most historic tree in America, which is one hell of a bad omen.