Monday, December 4, 2017

Heaven is a place for Rest

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am sitting here watching the Rockford Files. Lindsey Wagner is guest starring. So many stars started on the Rockford Files.

I am supposed to be working, but when I get thrown for a loop emotionally, the LC flow does not work. The weather is bad, but God answered prayers so it is not a disaster I hope. Thing is Mom bent over picking something up and I think it was the sciatic nerve. After a run around where I would get more answers from a dog, I figure it was the nerve and not a bone. I am phobic about that stuff since she broke her hip. Is a point of more things I will have to do now on all the other chit I have to do. I just exist in a world that most people would scream being in or go suicide, so when it is a bunch of other things going wrong on a day when all I was looking forward to was a quiet few hours and instead I got more chit.

I really do not want to do this blog, at least how it is going. Mr. High Rise is about as count on able as a dog in heat  in the middle of an all stud dog kennel. I do not lose sight of the fact that posting about how crooked the police state is, is not wise, and all of this filth which the world is, that I have to cover and uncover, is just like staying in heroine den where crack whores live and chit in the corner.

That is why a letter from Jeffry like all letters makes me want to write a letter instead, about something pleasant, as it seems there are no pleasant people left.

Hi LC,

It has been too long and I wanted to send you something to assist you with the incoming cold this winter.  I know that you are in a colder northern location and it is probably already freezing at night where you live, so this should help a little with the heating bills. 

I hope that TL, your mother, and all of the your animals are doing well and I will pray for all of you so that you can continue to provide me and all of your other followers, with the God-given knowledge that you give so freely.  I can’t thank you enough and I am truly sorry that I haven’t sent more funds.  I feel really guilty when you mention that you struggle and I know that I am rich in comparison, as I have a nice house with a pool and am able to provide for my family.  I am not looking to make your feel bad, I am just stating a fact that I should give you more, as what you give me is priceless.

Please keep up the hard and wonderful work that you do and please just know that you have real friends out here who don’t care who or where your are as long as you keep telling us the truth and keep inspiring me every day to keep myself out of the grasp of the Devil and his minions.  I am not perfect and I do fall short of God’s plans for me and you keep reminding me to stay strong and fight the good fight for myself and my family.

A few days ago you had a picture at the beginning of a post titled “Were there not 9 others……” and it is the same one that is framed and sits in my Mother’s kitchen in Wyoming.  It was in my childhood home in Nebraska in our kitchen and it hit home to me how very important you are to me and that my life here means nothing without God and Jesus Christ my King.  For some reason you keep putting things on your blog that have a personal meaning to me and for that I appreciate it and know that it is from God.

I am done rambling and just want to reiterate to you how much you mean to me and that I can never pay you enough for what you do.

Your Friend,


I grew up worshiping things American. The FBI could never do anything wrong. The US military was always right and people always would help you out. That was the fiction. I never thought in doing the right thing that I would dig myself into a hole.
I am reading Nancy Reagan's memoirs and I try to be Little Ronnie Sunshine in as his Mother said, God intended things this way and it always works out for the best, but there is not much bluff in looking up from the bottom of a hole.

Then the Holy Ghost says things to me like now, "You know you would never have met Jeffry if you did not do what was right." There are quite a few people we have made a difference for, and numbers of them have made a difference in our lives.
Kind words from people are so very appreciated.

The painting Jeffry spoke of is one my godfather and his wife had. I would term that a religious show as they like church pews, like my aunt dying of cancer in California. She is another multi millionaire and her cancer has not taught her a thing. Got a report cancer aunt was busting my niece's butt on Facebook. If I was on that site I would have ripped her a new one. She thinks she can bluff people cause she is stage 4 cancer, well she never met me because I got a meaner streak in me than she ever dreamed of.
Is problem with bullies, they always pick on people who won't fight back. I'm in a mood to teach stage 4 that was a cake walk compared to me after what this system has taken from me.

Last year, like most of you I had high hopes with the election of Donald Trump. I never figured Jehu would play his own and break bread with the deep state, but some of us do what needs to be done to survive. The rich have solutions for everything.
I never could understand why rich people only hang out with other rich people, who hate them like they detest the other rich people they are pretend smiling at like they are being pretend smiled at.

Me I will probably be helping Mom to the bathroom during the night as what would I do with sleep any way.

I never wanted to be an adult, but every moment I am forced to be one more and more, and there is no going back. Someone has to be the adult or all of you children would believe all the fairy tales manufactured daily.
It must be why God made Heaven, as then I will get to rest.