Monday, December 4, 2017

Roy Moore by God's Grace for the Alabama Win

Journalist Aaron Klein 
The People's Journalism for Judge Roy Moore

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is time for Alabamans to get out and vote for Judge Roy Moore, now that President  Trump has witnessed again the strange handwriting on the wall after following the machinations of Mitch McConnnell and Junta Kelley, the President has endorsed Roy Moore for the win.

Trump endorses Roy Moore as Republicans come around on ...

Dec 04, 2017 · Trump endorses Roy Moore ... as Washington Republicans increasingly come to terms with the idea of the controversial former Alabama Supreme Court judge ...

I knew the polling was breaking hard for Roy Moore when Mitch McConnell threw up the white flat on Sunday and it sealed it with Donald Trump's phone call to the Judge. A poll was issued which revealed that 70% of Alabamans did not believe the deep state smear against Judge Moore and that means 30 men hating wackos like Ashley Judd or Doug Jones bots who will believe anything do.

I ask you to remember a prediction this blog post from a flash read on Judge  Roy Moore's real numbers, and they were in the 70 to 60 percent range, moving from a month out until now. You were being lied to again as in 2016 in the fake polls showing Jones ahead.

It is time to get out in Alabama and vote for Judge Roy Moore and send him to the Senate to start draining that swamp. It is a reality that with Soros rapist voters being registered and McConnell's e vote scams, that the Judge has too large of a lead to be stolen. People still have to get out an vote as they did for Donald Trump to keep this victory as they will try to make this close as Drudge keeps homo rigging his headlines in "the race is this close", to make you believe otherwise.

In closing on this, I am going to remind you that there were only two sources who stayed with Judge Roy Moore when the worst of it came. Ann Coulter and her bedwetters fled. Sean Hannity issued his sitting on the fence, and it was only Aaron Klein who is the toughest and most intrepid journalist there is. He was the best at World Net Daily and is the best at Breitbart. He did the leg work with his brother and exposed all of the lies against Judge Roy Moore while the establishment was lynching him. The other was the nameless popular girl.
That is all the good press Roy Moore had for several weeks at a crucial time. Roy Moore is a tough man as his wife is one tough woman, as are the People of Alabama in not being buffaloed. Roy Moore is a hard sell, meaning he will defend his ground to the last, and that makes going out on a limb for him a great deal easier in running interference against his lynchers.

Roy Moore was upheld by God and the internet sappers who produced content that the paid media would not. This was the people's journalism led by Aaron Klein. I hope that Mr. Moore and his backers do not forget those that stood with him, as when Mr. Smith goes to Washington, this is just beginning.