Saturday, December 2, 2017

How to Murder Caucasians Named Kate Steinle

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It might surprise you, but Red State, you know the Trump hating site, signed on to innocent invaders of America murdering American Women on San Francisco piers, is all acceptable. What did surprise me is the game in the murder of Kate Steinle in the hatred against White Americans and how this genocidal hatred appears in brainwashing Americans that the trail of  this murderer was legit.

The focus of the defense and Red State was propaganda that the Sig Saur pistol which was stolen from a federal agent's vehicle days before, was "an unsafe gun" and prone to firing by itself, and that is why of course the police all have them.
The last part is satire, because do you really think the police are going to have gun that goes off by accident? Furthermore in sue happy California, do you think Sig Saur is going to market a pistol they would be sued over?

The SIG Sauer in Lopez Sanchez’s case has three features prone to accidents:
1. No safety lever, making it perpetually ready for firing.
2. Manufacturer-issued trigger pull of 4.4 pounds of force (in single-action mode), which is among the lightest on the market.
3. An unlabeled decocking lever despite being essential to disengage the single-action mode. (The SIG Sauer safety manual urges “DO NOT THUMB THE HAMMER DOWN the consequences can be serious injury or death — only and ALWAYS use the decocking lever.”)

Sarah Rumpf the skirt at Red State who wrote the defense of White women being murdered by foreign criminals, posted the above bullshit. I am going to tell you something of police pistols. THERE IS NOT ANY WAY A PISTOL WILL FIRE UNLESS YOU PULL THE TRIGGER.

You can't step on a gun and have it go off. You can not drop them and have them go off. The reason a pistol goes off is because a cop or a crook put their finger onto the trigger and PULLED IT.


The reason police pistols do not have safeties as most of these civilian guns do, is because in a dangerous situation safeties sometimes do not come off, or people under stress forget to take the safety off.

Do you see that odd double looking trigger? It is made that way so the trigger will not pull, unless one places their finger on that trigger, depresses it, which UNLOCKS IT, and only then the firearm will fire.
See what the Lame Cherry informed you of in a police pistol can not go off unless one deliberately PULLS THE TRIGGER.

The reason that gun went off, is because the trigger was deliberately pulled. The murderer meant to pull that trigger and who was in the direction of that trigger pull was Kate Steinle. There was nothing accidental about this trigger pull at all.
Garcia Zarate had that gun pointed at Kate Steinle's back and he meant to pull the trigger.

Red State though like the defense propagandized this as an accident or unsafe gun. The discharge was not accidental and the gun was not unsafe. It does not matter if a firearm ricochets a bullet off the concrete. That only means the assailant pulled the trigger HARD, as in the trigger pulled hard, and Garcia Zarate pulled the gun down as it went off and that is why the bullet struck the concrete.

Then again the Arnold leftist Schwartzenegger Trump hating Judge refused to allow the jury to examine the gun for how hard it was to pull that trigger.

I am not going to go through all of this, but just blow through the smokescreen for what this looks like as that is what it is.

You have Trump hating Arnold Schwartzenegger who appoints Judge Samuel K. Feng, who did not recuse his Trump hating self from a Trump centered political case, in which the prosecution and defense all agreed with the judge not to make this political, which means it was political from the start in they all agreed to f*ck Trump over and Americans who wanted secure borders, so they seated 3 immigrants or illegals, and 9 liberals from gun hating, left coast San Francisco, to set Garcia Zarate free.

The jurors, six men and six women who work in a range of careers from the tech industry to engineering to nursing, have not been identified in court to protect the integrity of the trial.
“We have at least three of the jurors who are natives of other countries,” Matt Gonzalez, an attorney for the defendant, said after court. “We have a wide array of educational background from Ph.D. to high school level. There’s a lot of very interesting people who could be thoughtful.”
During the three days of jury selection, Feng and attorneys on both sides have made efforts to separate the trial from politics. President Donald Trump pointed to the killing while condemning undocumented immigrants during his presidential campaign.

That is why the Jeff Sessions prosecution went for murder one to get his murderer off. That is why the Judge suppressed evidence. That is why the defense was allowed more propaganda leeway since Johnny Cochrane with Judge Lance Ito at the charade of the OJ Simpson trial.

The fix was in on this case as Donald Trump was on trial not Garcia Zarate. This follows with the fix being the feds will get this murderer and export him to Mexico and he will be back in America as soon as the sun sets as before.

There is something in addition to this which needs stating. Someone in the Obama regime had a pistol in his federal vehicle, and it was stolen. This pistol ended up on the pier where Kate Steinle was murdered. There is a smokescreen in this of looking at Kate Steinle. The question is what was that pistol doing on that pier, wrapped in a t shirt under a bench.
Any police officer can tell you what this was, and it was a gun drop off, in someone purchased this gun, it was straw walked to that pier, to be picked up and the person who picked it up was Garcia Zarate.
Garcia Zarate was a doper. Conclusion is someone sent this doper to pick up this very hot federal police weapon for a dime bag and did not inform Zarate. Zarate picked it up, was playing bandito flashing it around and it went off when Zarate pulled the trigger aiming it at Kate Steinle.

When one sees a great deal of high priced defense appear, it is more than stick it to Trump. It is covering up who straw walked that federal firearm onto that pier and sending a message of intimidation to White America that the darkies are out there so be afraid.

That should sound familiar in Eric Holder in Fast and Furious and George Zimmerman.

Criminals do not just jack black SUV's with federal tags on them. It gets them real popular and in prison for 20 years. Federal agents just do not leave their weapons in vehicles.
This looks like a transfer and that weapon ended up on that pier, in the hands of a Mexican doper, who appears to have been sent to pick that weapon up. We know that was a pick up or those who deposited it would have threw it into the ocean like Garcia Zarate did when he murdered Kate Steinle.

There are odds in this, that someone in the Obama regime got the bright idea to steal a federal weapon and then track it, probably to some Mexican mafia operating in San Francisco which was not Obama donating.
Imagine for a moment now that all that footage spoken of was the feds recording things in the drop off and then those doing the surveillance shit themselves when Garcia Zarate murdered Kate Steinle in the middle of their operation, sort of like Stephen Paddock in Las Vegas.

So out comes the cover up, the high priced lawyers for defense and the feds doing their damnedest to throw this case as they want it gone and Garcia Zarate goner.

Want to figure that the above is alot closer to what the hell is going on with this case and the Mockingbird does not want you thinking about those realities.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Oh and Jeff Sessions could immediately file federal civil rights violations on Garcia Zarate for the murder of Kate Steinle, and make this a federal case AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN, try Zarate on murder one, convict Zarate and execute this murderer.
Then again, some of the above might come out and then it would all come out.


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