Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Tidal Wave of Credit Card Fraud

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As I type this, I am dealing with what numbers of Americans are dealing with in credit card fraud. I am going to provide some helpful tips though which is the reason for this posting.

Background on this, I purchased about a week ago, from an online realtor in Los Angeles, as I saved 50 dollars in price, and last night I received an alert that someone purchased a very expensive cell phone. You know like the non donors all have in their blackberries starting at 450 dollars.

I phoned Discover up immediately and they began the process of freezing the account, but not before early this morning the same crook purchased another exact same phone.

In Discover, you can place a limit on the amount charged so you receive an alert every time it goes over that limit. I placed mine very low, so I get these email alerts, or I believe if one chooses one can get text alerts which is most helpful, or I would not have discovered this fraud for over a month.

One can always put spending limits on your cards too, instead of like some of the cards which have 15,000 to 20,000 on them. What I do though is the email alerts and that way I can stay on top of things and in this case it was fortunate as the fraud came in at 8 pm and I had things shut down by 9 pm.

What will happen is it will take about 10 days for Discover fraud team to reverse the charges and that is fine as it will not appear until next month's billing cycle.

It is not like I use credit cards a great deal, and I am like most people very careful, but as I backtrack this, this is a legitimate very large vendor in Los Angeles, but with Jerry Brown's slave gulag out there in foreigners, some girl friend gets sent to work for MS 13 or some Indian/Chinaman gets hired to do tech work, and part of the job is to pilfer select numbers to sell them to what is obviously a criminal ring dealing in cell phones.
The contraband probably ships to some LA post office box or some corporate site where the mail room sorts them out, and they walk out the door.

This will not cost me anything, but that is the Donald Trump world we live in now, in America is deluged by all of these criminal gangs, who are stealing electronic information, and sending the money and merchandise overseas to market at a criminal syndicate there. I will receive another card in about a week, and then have to activate and replace the auto pay sites online for utilities, so this blog does not disappear, as that is how this blog functions in auto pay, for a savings deduction, and when someone frags my credit card, the bill would not be paid and that means no blog for you non donors to read.

I could not afford the pay protection on credit cards, but as most of you are registered online in your accounts, you might check if your American Express, Visa and Mastercard have the same spending alerts as Discover has, so if anything happens you will be aware of it immediately and be able to shut things down.
You know your spending habits and how rich you are. You do not want to set the limit at 20 dollars if you are spending 300 dollars on each charge. I set mine under a hundred, because it is a rare day in a year when I ever exceed that amount. I am quite phobic about large bills.

I doubt there will be any follow up on this criminal fraud. As stated it is some Donald Trump green card terrorist he did not deport or let into America.  In California, the state mandates like the federal that you have to hire all of that non American vermin, and their tech savvy minds are shipped here to rob billions in dollars and merchandise every year.
The vendor of course in California is clueless and the criminal group will never be caught. They will just disappear, get another fake California ID and move on to some other retailer and be stealing your information next time around.

Just a helpful suggestion as before we came to the brier patch, TL was in the metro and got food at some Brazilian place using a brand new debit card and immediately TL's bank was calling about someone at 10 pm at night ordering chit out of Ohio. More fun in us running around the next afternoon after work, getting that all straightened out at the bank and then waiting around for a new debit card to arrive.
Banks usually phone, but if you do not catch the call, then it is a voice mail and more hassle. For me an email or text message is faster, as I am forced to check email daily several times.

Think that is about it, except this attack bothers me personally, because this Discover card was a miracle from God, as I had no credit reference and was denied by Visa several times, and then Discover appeared with a pre approved offer right on time, so I could get online, and that is why this card mattered to me. It will be replaced but it is not the same card, and for that I hope God visits the sins on these people 1000 times over.
It was just a credit card to them, but for me it was a miracle when I had nothing but a 500 dollar limit. Now those sinful people spent about that much on one charge. God will get them, and I hope that you find a way to keep track of your card or cards, as without alerts I am guessing this would have been several thousand dollars in charges surprising me.

President Trump talks a great deal about going after the bad guys. Well he certainly is not hitting the major problem in American inflation in these foreigners stealing American information at legitimate businesses. These vermin are not hacking. There is nothing technical about it at all. It is just someone in billing, printing out numbers, selling them, and then buying cell phones from major distributors.
It is because Donald Trump is not keeping his word, as these syndicates are not being broken up, and more of them are flooding in for DACA and whatever in the hell else is ruining America.

So the President is responsible, as this is wire fraud and no one in the federal government is enforcing any law. More and more of this will deluge America and each person is going to have to find ways to alert themselves to what is going on in their finances, because this tidal wave is building.