Sunday, December 3, 2017

How to Spice up a Conservative Vagina

I went for the low budget sex change operation like Michelle Obama


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was on Lucianne Goldberg's page looking at articles and traitor Jonah Goldberg's mum really loses credibility as she allows her site to be a perpetual platform to generate hits for Sunprancer's ridiculous posts on Cuckservitude Treehose.
I refuse to click on the links to Sunprancer for the Kushner pimp he operates as, so I did a little search and was amused to find that Sunprancer goes around the internet posting his uninspired natterings on various threads. They all have the same Lucianne tease of the opening paragraph, but only Lucianne has the cherry of:

Some have been mistaking silence for inactivity. Those hard at work - especially investigative work and the assembly of a case or cases - do not telegraph every step along the way.

Here are the Sunprancer turd  trail.

BOMBSHELL! The DOJ Has Been Investigating The ... -

BOMBSHELL! The DOJ Has Been Investigating The "Upper Tiers Of Leadership Within The FBI" For 11 Months!

If one knows the game in this, this story is old from January of 2017 and all Sunprancer is posting is what Sunprancer always does garbage like praising Donald Trump over China and it turning out as this blog revealed in Mr. President was suckered by Peking over North Korea.

It is pathetic to watch this Sunprancer's flashing around the internet like some perv in a rain coat. Nothing appears on the Cuck Treehose unless it is fed and it is disappointing when Gorilla Cernovich reposts the Twitter feeds of another Sunprancer ID  on Twitter.

There is only one real story in this and it is from Judicial Watch which has appeared elsewhere and will be examined here tomorrow as to the  real investigation into this which is going nowhere as this is the deep state protecting itself.

While it is all legal, what is  your impression of someone who posts under various forums, various identities, in order to promote their site, as if it is a Drudge Report sensation, when it is just and old guy posting old crap around the net like it is new.

If I was being paid by the troll state to humiliate myself, I would have held out for a hair transplant and two Harvey Weinstein sloppy seconds who liked being sexually harassed. Two computers named Hot Key 1 and Hot Key 2 really is not exactly something for the olde joy stick and user friendly.

To answer it is pathetic, and how expensive can it be for Kushner to fork over some bucks to bring in some live vaginas to spice up the postings.

Wonder why Baby is fixed on March 14th. The end of Hamrod is obvious.

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