Monday, December 4, 2017

Sarah Root, another Kate Steinle Murdered in America by Foreign Vermin

Sarah Root
Another American Woman falling through the Trump Cracks

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Kate Steinle and her grieving family are not alone in the myriad of American Women murdered and raped by foreigners, let into America by Barack Obama, not deported by Donald Trump, and about to receive DACA amnesty as part of Trump's deal with Mitch McConnell traitors in the United States Senate.

Donald Trump has spoken of Sarah Root who was murdered in Nebraska, literally smashed to death in being run down by a Honduran, who was drunk and racing in Omaha Nebraska. Miss Root had just graduated the day before with a 4.0 grade point average, but she was murdered by this rapefugee vermin.

It did not take Police long to apprehend Ewsin Mejia, and put him into prison, but what took place next was every bit as an injustice as the Judge Cheng who allowed  the murderer of Kate Steinle to walk free.

Murderer Eswin Mejia

The Omaha Police asked for a detention order for Mejia from the Judge in this case, but bond was set immediately by the Judge, and the murderer's brother, paid the 5000 dollars, and Mejia disappeared into Nebraska's sanctuary cities and now is suspected to have fled the United States.

Our accident investigator did request a detainer; however, one was not issued or granted prior to him bonding out. His brother did bond him out before the detainer was issued. My understanding was that he was bonded out fairly quickly.

You will remember in Kate Steinle's case, law enforcement arrested her murderer quickly too, so this is not a matter of the Police not doing their job in most American cities, but a case like the rape below carried out by Gabino Vargas-Perez, who took a 14 year old girl home to meet his parents, and then raped the child.

He too was arrested, but the same Judge in Omaha this time only required a 500 dollar bail and Gabino Vargas-Perez was out of jail, and only satan knows where this child rapist from Honduras is lurking now.


 After Vargas-Perez and the victim began dating, he took the teen to his home to meet his family. The girl alleges that Vargas-Perez took her upstairs and raped her after she repeatedly told him she did not want to have sex.

The Judge after setting murderers of America girls and rapists of American girls free, next found another illegal in front of his bench, from Honduras who literally was drinking with the victim at the bar, and then made him a victim on the asphalt.

This murderer as so many names and is wanted in so many American States that he is his own most wanted list.


Carrasco-Zelaya   AKA Edwin Elvir-Palma

This foreign vermin had so much alcohol in his system that he would have ignited to a flame, but once again the Judge saw fit to issue bond for a murderer who ran down another person in Omaha. This time at 100,000 dollars the vermin apparently stayed in prison, but would be long gone today if he had posted bond.

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Carrasco-Zelaya is not in the United States legally.  ICE will pursue deportation against him following the resolution of his charges in Douglas County.

Carrasco-Zelaya has a list of arrest and convictions in Nebraska, Wisconsin and Florida under his birth name, and his alias, Edwin Elvir-Palma.

And who is the Judge behind all of this? It is the skinhead below in Jeffrey L. Marcuzzo.


Jeffrey L. Marcuzzo

In  this age of Harvey Weinstein Jew lynching, while Jew Al Franken is kept safe in the US Senate, Judge Marcuzzo has engaged in his own verbal assault on women, and is kept safely tucked away in Ben Sasse's covering robes, as  Marcuzzo phoned up a Prosecutor and F BOMBED the Public Official in verbal intimidation and terrorism.

Leigh Jones at the National Law Journal reports that Marcuzzo’s corn got husked when a prosecutor rescheduled a matter before him back in October 2007. Marcuzzo called and left a vulgar message on the prosecutor’s voicemail: “I did not appreciate that one fucking bit.

Your local Police can only do so much to protect you. As Kate Steinle proved she can be murdered, the Police arrest the murderer, the Federal ICE have warrants, but then there is the liberal police state protecting the murderer, as another Judge in Samuel Feng appointed by Trump hating Arnold Schwartzenegger, who with prosecutors over charge a case, and withhold evidence from a stacked jury of foreigners and liberals, so the murderer walks free.

Kate Steinle verdict reignites illegal immigration firestorm

Nov 30, 2017 · Kate Steinle was killed July 1, ... emotionless and not reacting. And Judge Samuel Feng's courtroom was mostly silent during the verdict, ...

It is open season on Americans, and every one of you is a fool if you believe Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going to seize control over these cases as Eric Holder did and prosecute this vermin in federal courts. Sessions is all cover for the deep state.

You are not going to receive anything from DACA Donald Trump as it was stated by Senator Jeff Flake that he signed onto Trump Tax Cuts for the Rich, so that Lindsey Graham and Flake's DACA would be taken up and passed next. Yes Donald Trump tweets a good game in conning Angel Mom's, but when it comes to actually protecting Americans, what America is getting is raped vaginas and their children being made into fruit roll ups by being run over by vehicles and rolled back into a casket.

Do you think Trump's tax cuts for the rich are worth a dead Kate Steinle, Sarah Root or a 14 year old girl raped by a Honduran pedophile? Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake do, and Donald Trump signed off on this for DACA or Trumpnesty.

All of this makes me want to vomit in it is so disgusting, as if Donald Trump was keeping his promises an Aircraft Carrier would be parked of Honduras and bombing the hell out of that rape state Eswin Mejia was handed over to America for execution, and as for the right and honorable Sam Feng and Jeff Marcuzzo they would be arrested on collusion and aiding and abetting terrorists, murderers and rapists by an Attorney General interested in protecting Americans, instead of promoting lying prosecutors trying to lynch the Bundy's in Las Vegas.

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