Thursday, December 7, 2017

It is Jerusalem not Jewusalem

Jared said that Jew thing is really magical
can I rub your balls to see the genie appear 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

That President Donald Trump really has been hanging around them Ashkenaz converts too long, as I was listening to his spew about moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing this as the Jew capital really is like saying you had sex with Bill Clinton and leaving out the part that he raped you, gave you and STD and that you were 13 years old.

Trump Recognizes Jerusalem As Israel's Capital, Will Move Embassy...

Bipartisan Support...

Anger Across Muslim World...

Palestinian President says USA has 'withdrawn' from peace process...

Pope slams...

Media Rages...


The history of Jerusalem is not about Jews, but started with the Priest of Peace in Salem in  the Jebusite peoples who controlled this mountain fortress into King David's time. It was then called Jebus.

The first reference to Jebus is in it named Salem, or the City of Peace, to which Abraham ventured to offer to God.

Genesis 14:18
And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God.

Jebus is last referenced in this recording in I Chronicles chapter 11.

4 And David and all Israel went to Jerusalem, which is Jebus; where the Jebusites were, the inhabitants of the land.
 5 And the inhabitants of Jebus said to David, Thou shalt not come hither. Nevertheless David took the castle of Zion, which is the city of David.

I hope you did not miss this in King David and ALL ISRAEL went to Jerusalem. Now who is all Israel?

That would be the modern British, Canadians, Australians and Americans of the House of Joseph, along with the French, the Scandinavians and the other peoples of northwestern Europe, along with Benjamin, brother of Joseph, Levi the priestly tribe and Judah, whom David was born of, and more importantly who Jesus the Christ was born of, and murdered by the Jews for being the Prince of Peace.

Jebus came into the hands of ALL Israel as capital, when King David asked who would attack and take the stronghold. Joab who was his nephew. Joab and his two brothers were of the elite warriors of all Israel. What is interesting is they are defined by David's sister, Zeruiah, and not by who their father is as matronic definition and not patronic.

David purchased the Temple Mount and dedicated this land to God. It has never been title transferred as this blog has noted, so the Muslims have no valid claim to that land.

As stated Jerusalem was the military and religious capital of the 13 tribes of Israel. After the Lost 10 Tribes revolted over Solomon's son's over taxation, Samaria was made the Northern Kingdom's capital and Jerusalem was the Benjaminite, Levite and Judahite capital of the Southern Kingdom. It is though the legitimate capital of all 13 tribes and all Christian, because David dedicated Temple Mount to God, and Christ is God, the Prince of Peace who was the original Malchizaeck, therefore for President Trump to state what he did, is like stating that only the people of Maryland, Virginia and New Jersey have their capital in DC and the rest of the American States have no capital in DC.

That is always the problem with this Jewcentric propaganda which started with that Judeo Christian nonsense in the 1900's so Jews could tap into the Christian power in America and exploit it, as it is still being exploited today. There never was a Jew founding of America. It was Christ first and last, that is why the Pilgrims and Virginia Colony appeared, to worship Christ and bring Christianity to the terrorist Indian immigrants.

Once that reality is known, the fact is that the Lame Cherry advocates for Jerusalem as the capital, because it is American, and it is necessary for the 3rd Temple to be built, and nothing could be finer than Jared Kushner doing an ethnic cleansing war, so the Pope who rules Islam as the Vatican started Islam to drive out others, and then a Temple of peace could be built to all religions, the anti Christ seize it, and Armageddon be fought with the return of Jesus the Christ.

I simply will not be party to the lie that these Ashkenaz converts have a part  in this nor in Donald Trump's ignorant Jewish claims on this site,  as this is not about Jewry, but about Salvation in the priestly people King David installed in the region, and who turned into spiritual prostitutes just like the peoples of the West were enriched to evangelize and all they are is greedy whores who do not assist in donations in promoting the Truth of God.

Jesus defined Jerusalem in it's demented form from it's leadeship in religion and politics.

Matthew 23:37

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!
The Bible speaks of in Prophecy that Damascus and Gaza will be ruins. It is about time that things fulfill along with the Jordanians. Something has to get a 3rd Temple on Temple Mount and that ghastly golden dome thing in the shadows. Muslims are fat in their leadership in Ashkenaz bribes to keep religious Jews off the Temple Mount and in control. That is the Islamic worship, of lucre.

I just am disappointed in Donald Trump who is Merry Christmas, left out the Christians in Jerusalem, from Christ, His disciples and  His crusaders, who fought and died to liberate that land, and did so again in World War I in this British possession.
It is though Mr.  Trump listening to his Ivanka or Jael who is drunk on the wine of Jewish importance over all other races, just as the Ashkenaz preach out of the Babylonian Talmud.  That is not Christian and as the Bible foretells, there will only be CHRISTIANS ALLOWED IN JERUSALEM when Christ returns to establish His rule. No Jews will be allowed nor any other heathens, who deny Christ as Son of God.

Those are the rules of  the Father in Heaven. It is too bad that the President did not address these issues as Roy Moore might have. The best one can hope for is ignorance will bring about not an American embassy by the 3rd Temple, so Prophecy will be fulfilled.

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