Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Date In Al Franken Infamy

76 years from now a Jew named Al Franken
will destroy the party I created in destroying America in depression and war, 
because Franken refused to
suck cock and lick the clit of his colleagues.
It will be a date in infamy.........


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry notes that Al Franken really has bad timing from grabbing women's asses to announcing his historic destruction of Minnesota Nice in resigning on FDR's Day of Infamy of December 7th in the attack upon Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.
The Lame Cherry even now is there to assist Al Franken, and the sin of Al Franken is not that he molested women, but that Al Franken molested the wrong women, when in these following comments, these women reveal the real inside story of Al Franken.

First let us start off with these closed door comments from Elizabeth Warren.


I told Al that for some beads he could do better
than the Pilgrims at Manhattan.
Al replied, "I did not Poco his Hantas"

This from Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota


 I asked Al if he wanted to check if
I was a real red head.
Al said, "He would take my word for it".

This from Senator Kamala Harris.

I asked Al if he knew once you had black you never went back.
Al replied, "I already paid for the round trip". 

This from Senator Ron Wyden.


 I said to Al, "You get me drunk and you can have your way with me".
Al replied, "I know......"

This from Claire McCaskill.

I told Al that I was from the Show me State.
Al said, "I am from the not doing ugly women state".

This from Kristin Gilibrand from New York.

I said to Al, "Feel my big tits!!!"
Al replied, "I prefer my tits stolen not pawned".


I said to Al, "Good things come in threes,
 for big American missiles.
Al said, "He didn't want to catch my Fukushima."

And lastly from Senator Diane Feinstein.


I said to Al, "Want to come over and explore the bush?
Al replied, "I think your petrified forest is extinct?"  

See Al Franken's problem is, he thought he only had to drop the soap of Chuck Shumer and dong the duck with Mitch McConnell, when the Senate is a very gregarious place. That Al was just a hunk a hunk of burnin' love in he set the back bench on fire for his loins.
So Al Franken was a pussy tease. He simply would not put out for the rest of the democrats and offended all the people who expect a little more than Al was putting out. It is all Al's fault. He was getting the milk for free and those that were giving it away were going to be offended when Al told them all he was no a non democratic diet.

Al Franken and Minnesota will look back on Al Franken's Day of Infamy, and realize all he needed to do was weigh his anchor and prepare to take a torpedo and he would still be fondling the seven sees today.

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