Saturday, December 16, 2017

No Mr. Levin, it is because you are a Shitty Writer

Mark Levin, the genius who vouched for foreign born Ted Cruz
against the Constitution of the United States
while laundering Cruz money buys through his program in 2016

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This requires stating and correcting as Mista Pwahdooser, Mark Levin produced a fake news fiction that the Conservative Intellectual Movement is weak, because no one talks about Mark Levin's books.

You know, I write books about liberty, and I write books about the Declaration and the Constitution. And I write books about Supreme Court rulings. I write books about natural law and liberty and what all that means.
“The reason that most of these books sell about a quarter of a million copies or more every time I write them – which is by far the largest among conservatives, and yet receives virtually no attention among the fledgling, barely existing conservative intellectual movement – is because there really is no conservative intellectual movement. Or it’s very small, it’s very weak.”

I have addressed this before in Mark Levin takes months to cut and paste material into book he puts his name on, which is the book equivalent of trying to read a slippery braille fish as Levin struggles to attempt to appear intellectual, quoting the assessments of others, and placing asstard words he chants like a mantra.

The fact is that like religion and education, the Conservative Intellectualism has been hijacked by Mockingbird shills who have shit for brains and turds for thought. Ann Coulter sodomy, Mike Cernovich sodomy, Sean Hannity sodomy, do you see a pattern in hijacked Conservative thought?
Perv Milo shows up in Obama America and out pops sodomy. Milo shows up in Australia and out pops sodom legalization. Gee you don't suppose the same MI6 globalists that promote Milo had something to do with that coincidence do you?

The intellectual Conservative Movement has always been small, but never weak. It is rugged individuals and when God arises a Ronald Reagan, it becomes a laser movement. When it is betrayed by Sarah Palin, it retreats and reforms, and when it trusts Donald Trump, it propels him by God's Grace to the White House. When Donald Trump lies to the rugged individuals, they pick up their packs and go back to their tents, as they do not need Mark Levin copy and paste, as they have Christ, the Bible, the Constitution and common sense which have already been paid for and do not have Levin picking their pockets and acting like he is the godfather of thought on the right.
This is a moron who trusted Orin Hatch to get that fraud elected. This is a moron who has no idea of the geography of America. This is a moron who fought Trump, allowed Jew Trump Trans to get rid of Christians, and continues with Roy Moore, and then like Jimmy Carter coming out of Camp David decides that it is other people's fault and not Mark Levin's responsibility.

The point is intellectuals on the right do not bother with Levin's copy and paste, because they can read it for free online, written by real intellectuals 200 years ago.

If Mr. Levin wrote books about LIBERTY, this millionaire would be posting them free online for the Love of America. Mr. Levin is a demagogue who wants to be Moses, but comes off for what he is to intelligent minds, in a pseudo intellectual who labors too much at thinking and requires too long to accomplish a thought already concluded in 1776 AD in the year of our Lord.