Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Kiddie Diddlers of the Deep State

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Bill Donohue, Catholic League President is noted for speaking the Truth in the problem with sexual deviancy in trust organizations is due to pedophiles and homosexuals. The fact is from education, religion,  police state to politics, the majority of cases involved kiddie  diddlers and predator sodomites preying on emotionally unbalanced youngsters.

Commenting on an Australian commission report that recommends ending mandatory celibacy of priests in the Catholic Church to apparently curtail sexual abuse, Catholic League President Bill Donohue said this possibly is Australia's way of saying there are too many homosexuals in the Catholic clergy, and he added that in the United States "homosexuals committed most of the abuse" in the church over the last 50 years.
"Though it is not considered polite to say so, most people know that homosexuals are responsible for the lion's share of the problem in the Catholic Church," said Donohue.  "This includes those who insist they are gay-friendly."

Predators always seek out positions of power, enforced by the state or community. Police seek control in their hidden fears, and protect themselves that way and it transforms into sexual bullying as in Al Franken's political case. Teachers are rampant for inflicting on children in bullying abuse and the deluge of educators raping children from their positions of power.
The clergy is one of the worst places as people let all their guards down in psychiatric transfer are allowing the clergy to molest them, whether it is Muslim, Vatican, Jew or Protestant, absolute power f*cks the vulnerable absolutely.

This is what was the worst of  the Obama sodomization of America where Obama made the military, and armed group of psychologically conditioned  young people, into a sexual indoctrination experiment, where the net result has been rampant rape, as Obama's VA handed out happy pills to keep the soldiers doped up and killing in Obamawars.

All of this is the real problem as Corey Feldman warned and as Pizzagate covered up in this sodomite pedophile syndicate of the elite abusing children and the vulnerable. Kevin Spacey rapes and attacks boys, and Jeff Sessions does nothing. Where is the LA PD on the rape of Corey Haim in Hollywood?
For that matter where is Donald Trump in his DACA rapists with more foreign rape cock pouring into America so Ivanka Brand can show profit, but who is protecting the children of America? It certainly is not Jeff Sessions as he can not even manage his Justice Department and FBI who are out of control in legal abuses.

The evil in this is those like Gloria Allred and Doug Jones of Alabama who hijacked a real problem and smeared Christian Roy Moore to steal a senate seat, all to keep Donald Trump from fulfilling his promises. There are real abusers out there, protected by the system and Doug Jones, John Kelly, Mitch McConnell just gave cover for all of these predators by smearing the innocent Roy Moore.

That is the reality of the world which is, the Catholic League stated the problem in too damn many sodomites in the clergy, as sexual deviants in power, abuse those vulnerable under them. With the US Congress about to be rocked again as it protects Al Franken the sex bully who has not yet resigned, it is a reality that this inclusion of sodomy into politics, police, education and religion is an abuse which society should be still protecting against and not giving rights to.

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