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Protecting a Cernovich

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"We exist in a political blood sport age, where those on the left, expect those on the right to shed their blood not just in war, but in civilian life."

- Lame Cherry

This article is about Mike Gorilla Cernovich and the things you do not comprehend as reader of this blog or a view of Cernovich television. When I first started posting, one of the first people in Lawrence Sinclair's defense and who the Tea Party was built upon told me I needed to write things about myself, as people were interested in who I was.
It is why Rush Limbaugh carries on one sided conversations so you can listen in and it is why he always says he never talks about himself, when he always does. It is because people want to know about celebrities.

One soon learns though there is an element out there who will take everything you say on a personal level and twist it to inflict on you. Compassion, Caring and Love are viewed as a weakness so people think they can walk up and bitch slap the girl. It is why Al Franken got away with things for so long in people are polite and they do not expect to be abused for opening themselves up for a photo with Al or opening up and trying to help others by showing mistakes in my past.

The issue in this is Mike Cernovich, who really irritates people on the left. In the old days you could call Gorilla a fag and mock him, but as the Gorilla is all pro sodomite, that just won't stick, so as Cernovich can not be gotten to, there has been an effort to stalk his wife and child.
One incident which rang the bell was someone took it upon themselves to write CUM on a picture of Mr. Cernovich and his new daughter. That was a triggering event.
The problem with it, revealed a weakness in Mr. Cernovich in he protects his wife and child. The problem is he told everyone he hired a private investigator to track the pervert. That looks like weakness to a bully.

I was contemplating this situation and with Mike Cernovich's connections he should have remained silent about his actions, and turned to his political allies in Trumpland, and inquired exactly how he could file charges against the criminal who wrote CUM on a baby.

This is what I was contemplating in this was a criminal act and a US Attorney should be informed that if someone sent the Cernovich's a picture with KIDNAP on it, or KILL, on it, those are actions as is CUM.

As this was a private message, it was meant to intimidate as any ransom or threatening note. In the case of writing a sexual slur on the photo, it sexualizes the child, meaning this is an act of privately stalking this child for pedophile intent.
If this photo was published in public, it would be construed as child pornography, as the content is sexualizing a child.

As an example, Tim Rifat the Time Lord was running a site where his audience were posting pictures of the royal children in some depraved situations. Scotland Yard appeared and took Terrible Tim into custody, where they held him for weeks doing mental health evaluations, with the intent of making it a life sentence.

There is no difference in the abuse of the Cernovich child. This is beyond free speech, and entered the realm of stalking, sexualizing and degrading a child, intimidation and threat, because on Obama supporters CUM on a baby might be a prelude to child rape and another Clinton supporters resistance might be a prelude to kidnapping this child as the Lindbergh baby was kidnapped.

We are now in an age of blood sport in politics. In the previous generation Ronald Reagan told us to take it. Republicans never fought back and were smeared like Judge Roy Moore. When Donald Trump appeared the situation changed and the snowflake went deranged as their Al Franken bullying had always silenced the GOP victims, but now the Tea Party was fighting back with the same verbiage, but their verbiage was based in fact.

Most of you keyboard commandos have forgotten what 2008 was like. Mark Levin was intimidated to say Obama was a Marxist. I had no problem saying it, nor did I allow the deep state left to intimidate or silence this blog, and it tried often to the point of getting the work here banned. There were reasons things were posted here, and numerous times I always heard the line, "I don't agree with everything you say", without their figuring out that the things posted here were taking back the First Amendment.
Did they accuse Roy Moore of being a Nazi? Did they accuse Roy Moore of trying to poison your air? No they went for the one thing the left had in pedophilia, which really struck home on them when Mike Cernovich and others exposed Pizzagate and the connection to the Clintons and Podestas.

See what you do not understand is after Donald Trump, the old smears that made Republicans resign, are not effective because those weapons of intimidation are gone. The word Nigger does not make anyone blink any more and that is what effective neutralization of Mockingbird propaganda looks like.

What is left is the CUM factor in the dirtiest charges against Roy Moore and the degradation of the Cernovich child. This has been awhile in coming, because Shauna Cernovich could not believe the left was trying to Palinize her in saying the Mum was advocating violence in the streets. That surprised her, because it would never occur to her, but it is what leftist Obamites have always done, is they are the MOLOTOV MOB, who set verbal fires and when you are forced to put them out, they have set three more.
That is why Donald Trump is the Feuerw├Ąchter or Fire Warden Twitter in effectively starting firestorms the left is burned by, and they are left putting those fires out for weeks, and all they have left is Stephen Colbert making fun of Trump slurring a word as if that is some great parry. That is what the left is left with, nothing satire, nothing funny, just making hate crime fun of someone making a mistake, as 5 year olds do in the schoolyard.

For effect, it would be better for Mike Cernovich to allow those stalkers to hang themselves. He should gather evidence, use his contacts in Trumpland, find out exactly what would be necessary to have the FBI file an indictment, and then post the story as it personally relates to his family. He would look like the martyr and it would have his detractors deleting their accounts, as once you have the United States Government in it's full weight prosecuting someone who writes CUM on a baby, no jury or judge is going to believe it was all in "jest".

The problem for Mike Cernovich is the paid multi millionaires who have the contacts and the money to build cases as in Sean Homo Hannity, homo as Sean Hannity can not do a show without lumping homosexuals in with Christians, will not find out exactly from the Justice Department what is a criminal case in those stalking every word he says, and then build the case in hired real detectives as in Mr. Trump's personal security has nothing to do now that Junta Kelly forced him out, and prosecute these stalkers.

The net result is the Hannity teaching that it is ok to go after children in Mike Cernovich who stirs the pot.

The point in this all is, as Al Franken taught us, that perverts who joke about raping Leslie Stahl and Andy Rooney are molesting every woman they come across, because it is on their minds. A creep who sits behind their keyboard and writes sexual things on a baby, has in forensic psychology been weaponizing children for some time for their heinous triumphs.

 All of this is important for national reasons, because the left is becoming more degraded and as they are frustrated in learning that verbal attacks and assassinations are not effective against Roy Moore, Mr. President and others on the right, they are going to move from keyboards as Obama and Clinton were progressing the Soros funded terrorists of 2016 to physical acts of violence.

I leave this article with this psychological reality which Teddy Roosevelt noted in observation in his writings of the West. He discovered in Dakota Territory that the flirt in the Illinois became the whore in the Kansas saloon. The man who snitched candy from a store in Ohio, because a Highway Man in Texas. The brawler in Pennsylvania became a murderer in Colorado.
People who threaten from behind keyboards have a history from 2016 of coming out to violence in a resistance. They have the same hidden Kevin Spacey things in their lives and as they become more frustrated, they will move from the verbal to the physical when the societal boundaries are broken down.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has abdicated the purpose he was placed at Justice over and that is to keep the peace in America, beginning with children in the Cernovich child.  Prosecuting a few dozen leftist instigators who write CUM on a child's photo, keeps Senator Rand Paul from being almost stomped to death in his yard. Examples must be made to keep the peace and the examples in these real criminal abusers.
The Cernovich's will need to do the work in finding a sympathetic US Attorney and find guidance as to what exactly is criminal which will be prosecuted and then in hiring former law enforcement to investigate, legally collect the evidence so the US Government will perform the job the People expect.

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