Sunday, December 10, 2017

Al Franken died here.........almost

How Low Will Al Franken Go?

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I was listening to a radio mic head speculate that the reason Al Franken did not resign immediately, but is taking a "few weeks" was that Al thought there would be such a public outpouring for him, that they would beg him to stay. What if it is beyond that in it is obvious that Franken is taking a few weeks for reason. What if that reason is something more than just hoping for a meteor to strike?

Just how much would you trust Al Franken to go low?

What if next Friday, as that seems like an appropriate time as it would be 10 days into Al Franken's few weeks, and a great news cycle weekend, primed and ready for Hillary Clinton supporters to come out for Al Franken if you saw these headlines:

New York Times:

Al Franken today distraught over allegations of sexual molestation, commited suicide today by taking sleeping pills, fortunately it was just a bottle of aspirin.
Will we allow women to destroy innocent men?

Washington Post:

Al Franken today commited suicide by hanging when Conservative LeeAnn Tweeden accused him of being not what Al was, fortunately Al used a 7 foot rope for a 2 foot drop.
Will we allow the Right Wing Conspiracy to kill off liberal leaders?


Breaking News Now: Al Franken commits suicide by gun shot to head, fortunately it was a Star Wars plastic cannon.
Will we now not confiscate all guns and return Al Franken to the Senate?

Just how low would Al Franken go?

This is a bully who has had a career of bullying people, manipulating the news and being part of the Letterman Cocktail Crowd which produced books smearing the right and Franken was propped up in savaging people on the right in confirmation hearings for 2020 as Hillary Clinton's vice president.

Al Franken is taking two weeks to resign. What does Al Franken know? What is being coordindated so Al Franken knows he is going to stay?

Will the above headlines then be followed by this:

Breaking News NBC:

Person named Cernovich Warrior tweeted: Al Franken I will do to your wife what you did to other women now that you are in the hospital!

News from ABC

Al Franken cries from hospital bed as Sean Hannity fan club posts on Facebook, "If you need help Al, we will supply a shorter rope".

News from CBS:

Al Franken distraught over no one defending him but Hillary Clinton, attempts second suicide by slitting his wrists with a banana, as a Brietbart mob carrying signs which read, "Whose the big fat suicide now", paraded before the hospital cheering.

Once again, just how low will Al Franken stoop, as there is a reason Al Franken did not resign immediately, and is lurking around in the shadows waiting for something to appear, like lying women smearing innocent Judge Roy Moore and fake news smearing Donald Trump as there is a reason that Al Franken chose to attack the women who accused him who had proof and why Al Franken went after Republicans.

Ask yourself how low would Al Franken go? How much support would Al Franken generate in a fake suicide? Just what else is Al Franken capable of in a red flag operation to save himself?

Al Franken had to reflect on a Christian Thanksgiving, and then announced he was staying. Obama women then appeared for serial sex bullying revelations. Al Franken then is told to resign by the anti Hillary Democrats. Al Franken then announces he is taking two weeks to resign.

What is Al Franken's game, as he has one going. Just what is this script writer written up to do a John McCain in having a shifting leg injury from one leg to the other and multiple cancer Al Franken's game a suicide attempt for public sympathy and then to make a witch hunt of everyone who had proof in accusing this serial bully?

How low will Al Franken go?

Will the headline read, Al Franken died here.....almost.

A pervert who fondles a sleeping woman, non-apology rapes women in verse in blaming them is capable of anything to save himself, as he was capable of anything in going after fat people like Rush Limbaugh and capable of being an anti Semite against Senator Norm Coleman to steal Coleman's Minnesota Senate seat with the help of the same Bush operatives who are smearing Roy Moore and Donald Trump, with the liberal media.

How low will Al Franken go?

Two weeks is around Christmas. Al used Christian Thanksgiving for cover, so what does Al Franken have planned for Christmas to save himself?

Al Franken's resignation opens up a sudden pickup chance for the GOP
Minnesota Sen. Al Franken's departure from the Senate solves one problem for Democrats, demonstrating their will to push out one of…
CBS News

The deep state is already conditioning you to this being Save the Liberals from the GOP, instead of saving women from Al Franken.

Just how low will Al Franken, his Clinton cronies and the press go to save a seat they stole for Obama?

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