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Rina Shimbukuro murdered by a Foreigner

Another Foreigner Murdering an Innocent Woman


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I always remember the story my Uncle told me of Japanese Police while he was stationed in Japan. He told me of watching a Japanese Policeman involved with a civilian who was not showing proper respect. He stated the Officer several times in Judo slammed the civilian to the concrete, each time the civilian got up.

That is how the Japanese dealt with the impolite and maintained order. That is why the Japanese are a polite people.

The issue in this is a story which all  of you have not heard of and yet in this era of Assaults upon Women in America, this beating, kidnapping, rape and murder of a 20 year old Japanese by an Afroid American contract worker at the US Marine base in Okinawa is particularly heinous.

Rina Shimabukuro texted her boyfriend that she was  going for a walk and was never heard from again. She simply disappeared after a last surveillance camera recorded her.


Rina Shimabukuro before her murder

What followed was Kenneth Gadson, whose Japanese wife just gave birth to their child, took a knife, loaded a box with dirt in the bottom to absorb blood, and drove off stalking Japanese women with the full intent of raping and murdering one of them.

Shimabukuro, a 20-year-old office worker from the city of Uruma, was beaten with a club and stuffed in a car before she was raped and murdered on April 28, allegedly by Shinzato, the Japan Times reported. 
Shinzato allegedly told investigators he drove around looking for a potential rape victim, the Times reported.
He became a suspect after being spotted on surveillance footage buying salt and sprinkling it on his car, apparently in an attempt to get rid of blood stains, the Times reported.
Shinzato led investigator's to the location of the victim's body after he was questioned. 
Shinzato is reportedly originally from New York. He joined the U.S. Marines and was deployed to Okinawa, where he met and married a Japanese woman. 
He who was known as Kenneth Gadson before he took his Japanese wife's last name,

Murdering Rapist Kenneth Gadson

I refuse to call Kenneth Gadson by the Japanese name as he does not deserve a Japanese title and only should be known as a murderer.

The only positive of this story was the Japanese Police who have not lost their interrogation ability, as one notices Gadson told them everything when arrested and led them to the decomposing body of the woman he assaulted and murdered. It is certain the Japanese Police convinced this heinous predator in  very fitting actions and it is a pity they did not run him through Fukashima.

Personally, I loathe these occupational United States forces as they are always  brawling, raping, beating up, robbing or murdering the locals. The contractors are worse and they damage US foreign policy and the United States military, in these horrendous crimes. The worst of this as of late are the Special Forces who appear to have an industry now of blackmail and murder, when they are not being invited to the White House by Mr. President after blowing bin Laden's head off and strafing his corpse with a hundred bullets.

An Open Letter to the Green Berets

Our Regiment has a cancer, and it is destroying the SF legacy, its capability, and its credibility.

SWCS has devolved into a cesspool of toxic, exploitive, biased and self-serving senior Officers who are bolstered by submissive, sycophantic, and just-as-culpable enlisted leaders. They have doggedly succeeded in two things; furthering their careers, and ensuring that Special Forces more prolific, but dangerously less capable than ever before. Shameless and immodest careerism has, in no uncertain terms, effectively destroyed our ability to assess, train, and prepare students, or to identify those students that pose very real risk to Operational Detachments. I cannot stress how systematic and severe the effects on the force will be if the standards, recently implemented here in the Special Forces Qualification Course, remain in place.

Gadson is sentenced to life in prison in Japan. In another era of chivalry it would have been said that the Yakuza should administer the justice needed in this case. Perhaps in they attempts in America to roll back the pedophile rape of children and the assaults upon women, there can be more than talk by Jeff  Sessions and more than Mitch McConell protecting the sex bully Al Franken.

Rina Shimabukuro had her entire life stolen from her by a predatory beast who only reinforced the stereotype that the people of Okinawa view all Americans. Where do Americans go to retrieve their good name when the regime in DC is protecting the predators like Kevin Spacey in not investigating them.
Rina Shimabukuro was murdered by a foreigner like Kate Steinle, this time it was an Afroid American in Okinawa. There is no difference. The Japanese administered Justice in America, the American deep state rewarded the murderer.

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