Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The good, the Herter and the ugly of Pork Sausage

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have finally figured out Minnesotans and it is all due to George Herter, the know it all about everything from Minnesota. See Minnesotans puzzle you in being ok people, and then you get these goddamn Mark Dayton and Al Franken  types which make you say what the frick.

It is like West Virginia are good people in majority and then you get those chit politicians. Then there are other states like South Dakota that you never give a thought to as a cow pie state is not worth thinking on.

The mystery of understanding Minnesota is in pork sausage.

See I got a book on the Combined Wisdom of Minnesota in George Herter's Bull Cook Book and while rummaging through it, George Herter dictated that all of us are asstards, like all Minnesotan elite will glare at you about.

See we fry our pork sausage and that is just all ass backwards wrong. George tells us morons that we first have to boil our sausages in a pan, and then when they are cooked, you brown them and you will have the best, juiciest and most wonderful pork sausage on the planet.

Seeing no reason to not believe George Herter as I like the Vikings and the Viking, in he drinks beer, shoots guns, fishes has a good family, so he can be trusted on all things, I did the George Herter method of making ambrosia pork sausage that is too good for God to eat.

I boiled them......the skins started pulling off, but that was ok as the sausages stayed entact.

Done with cooking, I browned them up really pretty, and as I have not had pork sausage for a coon's age, TL and I thought they were pretty good.......

Then I made a mistake as it was hotter than Mike Cernovich's Thai Pepper Wife, and had to cook sausages fresh and the fast way, in a pan  with some olive oil to start, and browning them.....using the oil and fat to French fry them like everyone besides Minnesota elite do.

Then we ate them, expecting not to measure up to George Herter pork sausage ambrosia, and I notied something.

First my Lame Cherry sausages cooked the normal human way, were moist, where George's were like dust as all the fat had been boiled out.........guess George missed that part in pork fat is in sausage to make it moist so you can eat it, and not have it stuck in your throat.

Second, my Lame Cherry sausages cooked the normal human way, were rich in sage and fennel spices which  make pork sausage taste wonderful as the spices and herbs were NOT BOILED OUT GEORGE HERTER'S WAY.

Third, my Lame Cherry sausages cooked the normal human way, were crisp on the outside, and having that wonderful caramelization that pork fat produces in French cooking as they were not boiled to fatlessness the George Herter way.

Fourth, I exclaimed to TL, "You know this is the way pork sausage is supposed to taste, as George Herter doesn't know a damn thing about cooking pork sausage".

Fifth, I now know why Minnesotans are nice people and have such shit for leaders, in they are too polite and get railroaded by all the push know it alls who have ruined that state and given Minnesotans a bad name.
Lord God you go to the Dakotas, Wisconsin and Nebraska, and all you hear when a Minnesota plate drives by is, "There goes a goddamn Minnesotan". You do not hear this in Iowa as they are the same type as Minnesotans who do not know they are reviled by everyone around them, especially for their head up the ass driving.

So that is the story of pork sausage and the exposing of George Herter who said he knew everything and instead was an idiot changing things around and making things worse.

Minnesota is the best place on earth in resources and people, but it is just a shit hole now from all that know it all stuff. If though, I had not had a hot day and cooked pork sausage the normal way, I would still think George Herter was someone who should be listened to.

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