Sunday, December 17, 2017

Skinhead John Kelly: Can't have them Coons in the White House

Get that coon out of the White House!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The reports coming out cheering the abuse that Omarosa suffered under John Kelly are something everyone should be concerned over in how Kelly humiliated this trusted confidant of Donald Trump.

The essence of this is that John Kelly has been putting the screws to the last of the Trump loyalists, and targeted Omarosa this past September, pushing her buttons and bringing it to a Christmas conclusion. It was thee most sadistic of thing that Skinhead Kelly degraded to against this Christian minister in Omarosa.

What the story which has leaked out and is being cheered is since Omarosa was leaving in January, John Kelly moved to restrict her access immediately. Kelly knew what this would entail, as the end result just as there was no room for Baby Jesus in the Inn, there was no room by John Kelly dictate for Omarosa's husband at the White House Christmas party. See Omarosa's access was limited by Kelly, so it meant she could not bring her husband to Jesus birthday celebration in the Trump Merry Christmas celebration at the White House.

Of course Omarosa reacted to this as she is a newlywed and is going to protect her husband. The Trump's kindly allowed Omarosa to photograph her wedding party at the White House, as they are close. So when Omarosa attempted to speak to her mentor and friend the President, in the family quarters where she has always had access, the Secret Service following John Kelly's sadistic war game against this Black Christian, had to deny her entry to the family quarters as those were the rules.

the trigger for Manigault flying into a rage against Kelly was learning that her husband John Allen Newman could no longer attend the holiday bash.
The former Apprentice star demanded to know if President Trump was aware of the decision, before she marched off towards his residence, where she once had been relatively free to come and go.
But she was refused entry by Secret Service.
An insider revealed: ‘When she got word that her husband could not attend the Christmas party because his security clearance under her had been canceled already, she was outraged. She confronted General Kelly about it and that’s when the explosive altercation happened between them. She was embarrassed by that and it sent her over the top.’
According to the White House source, staffers there submit a list of names of people who are vetted for security purposes particularly if those people regularly visit. Once a staffer’s privileges start being removed and their access limited, those on your clearance list are no longer allowed to come in.

Skinhead Kelly got what he wanted in getting rid of Omarosa, just like Skinhead Kelly got rid of Christian Roy Moore by Skinhead running his pedophile promoting aide out of Afghanistan.

For all the good Omarosa could have accomplished, she was instead treated like a house Nigger. The Trump Trans cut out all Blacks and it was only Omarosa who achieved a moment for Blacks with the President in a photo op. After that, it has been a steady marginalizing of Omarosa. What is worse is Skinhead Kelly is trying to drag Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon into Kelly's lynching of this Black Christian, in placing smears that they had problems with her too.
None of that was ever mentioned or leaked, until now of course when Skinhead Kelly is running for cover in this heinous racism he engaged in, in isolating the President.

When the Lame Cherry noted that HR Halderman is what Donald Trump needed and John Kelly could be that Chief of Staff, I naively thought this Obama voter and Clinton lover in Kelly would be so disloyal to the President and the base. John Kelly is no HR Halderman, as one never had this kind of disgusting racism in the Nixon White House, nor did Mr. Halderman ever try to manipulate and isolate the President with the immense trust and power, President Nixon entrusted to Mr. Halderman.

So you understand this, on Christmas, John Kelly enacted a plan to oust a Black Minister from the White House, and used the Christmas celebration at the White House in denying this Black Minister in Omarosa her Black Preacher husband access to this same party to humiliate them both.

Is this the Merry Christmas Donald and Melania Trump were speaking of, in lynching Blacks on Christmas by the hands of Skinhead John Junta Kelly?
Whether intentional or not, Donald Trump owns this and this is nothing to celebrate as this is absolutely disgusting what John Kelly did to Omarosa and her husband.

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