Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Kill List of Americans

Cliven Bundy's booking photo was X'd out
at Las Vegas Nevada's FBI Headquarters
along with Dan Shea


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A very brave American in the government's investigator of misconduct in association with federal abuse of the Bundy family and their supporters in Larry Wooten, has literally caused the Judge in the Bundy kangaroo court case in Las Vegas Nevada to send the Jury home for week, in the revelations which Mr. Wooten revealed in a whistleblower mailing to the Department of Justice.

The 18-page document, obtained Thursday by The Oregonian/OregonLive, is dated Nov. 27.
Prosecutors shared it last week with defense lawyers for Bundy, his two sons and co-defendant Ryan Payne as they were in the midst of their conspiracy trial, but it's not part of the public court record.
The memo prompted Cliven Bundy's lawyer to file a motion early Monday to dismiss the case, already in disarray over concerns raised previously about the government's failure to promptly share evidence with the defense.
The judge sent the jury home for more than a week as she tries to sort out the claims and prosecutors scramble to save their case.

 All professionalism had ceased at the FBI and BLM, during the Obama regime and is still polluted to this Trump administration, as Jeff Sessions refused to intervene when Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch presented damning evidence in how the government had set up the Bundy's.
The lid is starting to come off now as revelations from Larry Wooten have filled in the blanks, behind the trail of dead bodies, dead cattle and confiscated land.

Wooten wrote that supervisory agents with the bureau repeatedly mocked the defendants in an "amateurish carnival atmosphere'' that resembled something out of middle school, displayed "clear prejudice'' against the Bundys, their supporters and Mormons, and prominently displayed degrading altered booking photos of Cliven Bundy and other defendants in a federal office and in an office presentation.
The memo described "heavy handedness'' by government officers as they prepared to impound Cliven Bundy's cattle. He said some officers "bragged about roughing up Dave Bundy, grinding his face into the ground and Dave Bundy having little bits of gravel stuck in his face.''

Representative Matt Shea of Oregon has joined in this search for Truth and Justice, in adding a necessary voice of the people to make this an issue, as you will notice that the paid mic heads like Sean Homo Hannity left all of this behind as they talk about Uranium One, but never mention that it was the operation against the Bundy's which was the satanic heart of Uranium One.


 Representative Matt Shea

Larry Wooten revealed that as he was investigating the crimes of the state against the Americans in Nevada, that he was removed from his oversight position on February 18th, 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.

On February 18, 2017, I was removed from my position as the Case Agent Lead Investigator for the Cliven Bundy/Gold Butte Nevada Case
My supervisor told me that AUSA Steven Myhre “furiously demanded” that I be removed from the case and mentioned something about us (the BLM, specifically my supervisor) not turning over (or disclosing) discovery related material

That February 18th dates is very important, because Jeff Sessions had been in charge of Justice for two weeks along with conspirator Rob Rosenstein. who gave the legal groundwork for the President to fire crooked James Comey, which started the Robert Mueller witch hunt.

Jeff Sessions Confirmed as Attorney General, Capping Bitter ...

Feb 08, 2017 · WASHINGTON — Senator Jeff Sessions was confirmed on Wednesday as President Trump's attorney general, capping a bitter and racially charged nomination ...

We are told in this to praise Donald Trump for his returning bits and pieces of the American West to Americans, but it was his choice at Justice who oversaw this cover up in Jeff Sessions.

 At the center of this again is Dan Love, one of the most notorious criminals ever employed by the federal system. Love was a BLM agent who roughed up, intimidated and threatened innocent Americans. He was finally booted out of Government in September for criminal activity.
While he was in the BLM he was their pet thug, who was protected by his superiors.


 Fired BLM Agent Dan Love

Dan Love OUT at BLM After Burning Man - Redoubt News

Dan Love out at BLM after Burning Man probe; Associated Press; Love told an employee to delete some emails that contained bureau information; moqui marbles

There are chilling details in Dan Love, his superiors at BLM, the FBI and the US Attorneys in Nevada, as Love had pressured Americans so severely in terrorizing them, that they committed suicide. Love had a trophy book of "kills" which like a serial murderer, he celebrated innocent people dying.

The Las Vegas FBI headquarters, the same people who are involved in the Las Vegas Massacre cover up, had pictures of Cliven Bundy up with others, in which they had X'd out their faces in a kill display.

There literally was a "kill list" which had been created by BLM, the Las Vegas FBI, with full complicity of US Attorneys and this was all known since February when Larry Wooten was fired.

Wooten goes on to outline that SAC Dan Love had what was called a “Kill Book as a trophy and in essence bragged about getting three individuals in Utah to commit suicide (see Operation Cerberus Action out of Blanding, Utah and the death of Dr. Redd).”
The report also describes what appears to be additional people on the BLM hit list, this time, however, Wooten’s own supervisor was an accessory.
My supervisor even took photographs in the secure command post area of the Las Vegas FBI Headquarters and even after he was told that no photographs were allowed, he recklessly emailed out photographs of the “Arrest Tracking Wall” in which Eric Parker and Cliven Bundy had “X’s” through their face and body (indicating prejudice and bias).

Into this Judge Navarro of Las Vegas federal court who has been handpicking jurors, not allowing defendants to defend themselves has had a US Attorney's office in Las Vegas which was not forthcoming with the Wooten file and it was just shared with the Bundy defense and with the Judge, who has now sent the Jury home in this fiasco.

Two weeks ago we learned that the US Attorneys had been lying o Judge Navarro at every step. Now we understand what the political officers of the Obama regime, whether it was  FBI agents led by Andrew McCabe were creating an "insurance policy" to stop Donald Trump from being elected in thwarting the US elections. The mirror image is Gregory Bretzing in Oregon as Special Agent overseeing the murder and cover up of LaVoy Finicum and his all dovetails into Hillary Clinton on Uranium One and the murderous actions undertaken by BLM and FBI against the Citizens of the American West.

Would you appreciate an armed police state X'ing out your face? Do you appreciate that Larry Wooten who was investigating all of these abuses of power was fired? Do you appreciate that all of this took place under Jeff Sessions and Rob Rosenstein's direction?

For the seriousness of this, this is the ONE EXAMPLE which we know of. How many other places in America have Americans been crushed and it was all covered up? This Bundy event was being  given for out of Washington DC in Robert Mueller and James Comey for years.

We only have this because an honest law enforcement officer in Larry Wooten  not only did his job, but did not keep silent when threatened, like the Secret Service and FBI agents did in the Lynch and Clinton tarmac meeting.

Is this the government which you want, one that mocks people of religion, steals their land, destroys their property and makes kills lists of them?