Saturday, December 9, 2017

THE AIC, Agence In Charge

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is the story of the greatest disinformation artist ever, Jayne Dough. We are fortunate to have Jayne sit down with us and explain the deepest of the deep state secrets.

Thank you Jayne for being here. To save time, has anyone ever told you that you look like that sexy Fran Kranz who saved that blundering Doll House to a second season?

Many times. I actually wrote Doll House. It was all the hidden meaning of the creation of Barack Hussein Obama. The character Topher is in fact me. Fran Kranz is my clone. He was created in the same lab as the Manhattan Project. I have enjoyed immensely his profound abilities in portraying the characters that I actually play.

We have come upon a portfolio of photos, which seem to feature you. Could you please examine them as to their authenticity and reveal the story behind them please.

Of course..............

This one is authentic. I was Barry Soetoro's handler in the AIC. I first met him in Pakistan when he was the girlfriend of a Muslim boy. Everything is true about the Birther. I created his birth abstract, actually three of them. We first wanted to install him as leader of Indonesia, then Kenya, but when Bill Clinton got involved in Uranium One, screwing the cartel over, we decided to install Obama and screw Hillary over.
Soetoro is the bastard of a Filipino whore. You will notice Filipinos show in OKC and in Las Vegas. He always had a Spacey problem and that treatment we gave him, never did make him into anything more than flexible.

Did anyone ever tell you that you resemble Sam Hyde who resembles Fran Kranz?

Yes, he is another clone. I created the Alt Right to elect Donald Trump or I should say when I was undercover as General Hosta Beek of the DIA, I created the Alt Right.

This picture is obviously a forgery just like the ISIS beheading pictures I created for John McCain's ISIS.  The thing is about McCain is he will not leave me alone. He keeps phoning me about his fat daughter. Wants me to marry her. I am not into lezbos.
I gave John McCain the idea to cut his head open, say he had cancer, so that Trump would be defeated and come to heel. McCain has one interest now and that is to not be remembered for the traitor he was in Vietnam. I had Ho Chi Minh feeding him bird crackers to sing.

You appear too young to be have been involved in Vietnam?

The CIA discovered the Nazi fountain of youth. I take an elixir every 10 years and do not age.

This photo looks like you and someone in a Muellertime hat?

Yes, this is real. I created Robert Mueller for my employers. Did Pissgate too. Christopher Steele is as dense as Theresa May, but they got off like James Clapper reading about whores pissing in bed. Eric Holder is the main operative in this though. He was running Susan Rice and both of them cooned up on Donna Brazile to keep focusing on Russian hacking. Scared that old black woman out of her gourd on Seth Rich. Had her pulling her curtains. That was just plain mean.
There is no investigation. I wrote it all out for him in December 2016 on the fly.

What is this?

This one is still building. This is me as Vladistock Horschok in the Ukraine as John McCain's front man for Mosaad. We are still starting a nuclear war in Europe with Russia. I look good as a Slav. Slav's are wonderful people. It is why we went in Melania to marry Donald Trump.

Lastly, this one is a forgery and we apologize.

No this is real. This is EIBER.  Don't believe all that alien shit as we put that out. This is about the lords and priests having opened the door to demons. They have been handing over all kinds of advances. That is where the pyramids came from.
In any event, there have been genetic experimentation, the creation of craft as a cover story and the creation of Cherry Coke. Damn strange thing in demons just do not like Dr. Pepper as it is too weak, Mr. Pibb is too syrupy, but that Cherry Coke is just what they go for. Better than sacrificing virgins.

If I could ask you about this last photo......

No sorry, that one I will not talk about, and I have to get moving as I need to fire off some more missiles out of North Korea. It is all about polluting that 6 trillion of rare earth elements on the China border so China will go back to chopsticks and eat each other.
I know that none of this make sense, so tell your readers to just stop trying to figure things out, as none of it makes sense. It is just better if they just act like chickens in a cage, lay an egg once in awhile and just die when we tell them to as none of this is ever going to be stopped.

Thank you for sitting down with us.

You are most welcome. Oh and the photo is just after EIBER ran off. Damn Coke truck drove by and that little shit was gone like the wind. I fricking wire them up with nuclear bombs now so if they run off it teaches them a lesson.