Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Comet Camp Kitchen

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 I have no idea why people are so utterly stupid in this generation, but I am blessed for it.

This bit of knowledge is about the Comet brand, 5 inch aluminum kettle with 4 inch handle.

I have I think 8 of these things now, made about 50 or 60 years ago by the Comet company of America. They sold apparently like hot cakes back in the day, because for the past several years as geezers die around here, their worthless children throw all of these little kettles into the thrift store, and I pick them up for 40 to 80 cents.

They are absolutely perfect for one can of soup for one person, or anything else one person would choose to heat up as America went Campbell's soup after World War II. For widowers, pilgrims or whatever this was their entire kitchen and they had measuring marks on the side for boiling water for tea or coffee.
See when people are poor and did not have all day to heat up large volumes of things on wood stoves, these little things were just what the population needed.

I started picking them up because they were cute, and started using them to boil water for tea before I met TL. Now I pick them up as why should I let something go to scrap or whatever because the population is tard.

The backpackers are all titanium cups and chit, but this thing is the cheap and more durable alternative. I can use this to drink from, I can use this to dump water over my head to wash my hair, I can use it to cook in, and I can use it to eat out of.
Give me a fork or spoon and I have done General Crook's pointed stick one better. Two of these and I have my cup too.

That is why I just do not understand people now. They will buy GayScout chit with plastic cups that melt, but will walk by this entire kitchen set in scorn. That is what I mean by poor people used to have some sense in small things took less wood to chop and less time to heat up, but now people walk by all of this irreplaceable aluminum ware for non stick stuff that will burn up in real heat.

That is the simple lesson in camp kitchens. This is your entire kitchen on the go from any heat source and it will last longer than 10 generations, although this one someone about has the Comet stamp wore off the bottom. Must have been a robust cooker.

So if you happen upon these, perhaps you should pick them up. Of course once the tards figure this out, then they will be 50 to 100 dollars as the "perfect" thing they discovered.

I just by God's Grace got there 8 times sooner than they did. This one though the metal handle is rusted. Why people do not take better care of things when they empty the parentals house and dump things in the garage.

As an addendum to this, I was looking through or I found one not "lost" by Mom of these small kettles and it was a Mirro. The Mirro is built of a much heavier gauge of aluminum, in a test of hitting myself on the head, the Mirro hurt worse in Newtonian sciences, while the Comet did not put a dent in.
The point being for mountain trekking, the Mirro might be whined at, but the nice part is they are both the same size in content, but in design the Mirro is smaller in diameter and higher, so it nests inside of the Comet, making a very compact set.

Nuff Said